Gift Ideas For Your Backyard

Patios and decks are extensions of the home. Making these spaces livable enjoyable living spaces can be accomplished by turning your backyard into a nature haven. Deck and patio accessories make great backyard gift ideas and have come on strong in 2008, especially as trends shift towards going green and “back to nature.” We compiled a list of ten gift ideas for your backyard that you can use to enhance your patio or deck design and turn it into the perfect outdoor living space. Patio and deck accessories are great gift ideas for friends and family members and can add a much needed touch to complete their patio or deck designs.

Weather treated wicker products are not only attractive, but they make functional deck and patio accessories. Wicker furniture is easy to wash with soap and water and will not mildew. Can be used not only to complement your patio or deck design, but also look great in porches and sunrooms. No only is wicker furniture easy to clean, it is extremely resistant to heat and weather as well as lightweight and durable.

Wind chimes and fountains both add soothing sounds to your outdoor living. There’s a style to suit anyone’s fancy. Enhance the sounds of nature with wind, water, or both. Squirrel proof bird feeders can have an added effect by bringing in the sounds of real birds and nature. They attract birds to your backyard and are the current trend when it comes to keeping your feeders from getting sabotaged.

Benches and lounge chairs are great ways to relax outside, sunbathe, or enjoy a picnic. Smart benches are attractive cedar benches, composed of insect-resistant and weather-resistant western red cedar. They add appeal to any deck or patio from a practical stand point and from an aesthetic stand point. Some come with storage arms, padded for your comfort with 2″ of rot-resistant polyester.

Why not add a portable hammock? Portable steel frame hammocks come with the rope hammock, allowing for easy set up (you don’t even need tools). The whole unit fits into a nylon carrying case so you can take it anywhere.

Wouldn’t you love to extend the season for enjoying your deck or patio, so that you could continue dining outdoors throughout the fall? Sure you would. Well, patio heaters allow you that luxury. On the high end are products which put out 40,000 BTUs. But if you are shopping for price there are more reasonably priced units that can be more cost effective that put out less heat.

Decorating with a no rot free-standing planter or a no rot flower box are popular trends that are bring the joy of flower boxes back. You can even combine your love of plants with enjoying a deck or patio by installing a trellis that meshes with your planters or flower boxes. Once installed, the trellis can become a home for climbing plants. No rot trellises are available in vinyl and wood like PVC materials. Window flower boxes don’t have to be just for the front lawn, they bring nature and relaxation to the backyard as well.

If you’re shopping for a great fall gift idea or gift ideas for your backyard, these ten hot trends and ideas in the backyard are easy ways to transform a deck or patio and integrate it with a backyard. Going green and “back to nature” concepts are stronger than ever and many of these products make great gift ideas as well for friends and family.