Getting Married Think Acapulco!

Suppose you are planning to get married, and you are living in the United States, Canada or Europe. Consider getting married in Acapulco, Mexicos Pearl of the Pacific. Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Todd did it. So have many other celebrities since then. And each year many other romantic couples do the same.

One of the best parts of having an Acapulco wedding is that as soon as the ceremony is over, you are already on your honeymoon!

What makes Acapulco the perfect wedding location? Few other places in the world have such beautiful waters, framed by mountains that descend dramatically down to the sea. Acapulcos natural bay is unlike any other. The weather is reliably gorgeous, the people are warm and welcoming, and everything is just a few hours plane ride from most points of departure in North America.

Think about exchanging vows right at the waters edge on the beach itself surrounded by natural beauty. Acapulco has scores of perfect beach settings for such nuptials large, small, formal, informal, morning, afternoon or evening. Another option is to wed under a bower in one of the elegant, tropical gardens of the citys many resort hotels. Religious ceremonies can be planned for any one of Acapulcos several beautiful churches.

The Easy Way to Do It
No matter where you might imagine tying the knot on the beach, in a garden or in a church you will need to take care of certain unavoidable details. They include the legal requirements, flowers, music, officiant, reception, lodging, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and other activities for the wedding party.

The easiest way to handle all of this is to place it all with a trained wedding planner, one who wither works in or with Acapulcos resorts. Some people think that this option might cost substantially more than a do-it-yourself alternative. Others may be reluctant to surrender control over the wedding plan to someone they dont know.

In truth, a good wedding planner should save at least as much money as he or she costs. If you plan to stay at a resort hotel with the wedding party, the hotel itself will provide great nuptial packages, with discounts on many services. Some details like transport to and from the civil registry can be handled more efficiently and cheaply by the hotel than by you directly.

This is not to say that wedding planners always find bargains. In Mexico it is probable that the concierge/wedding planner is offered a kickback for recommending certain outside services, like photographers, florists or musicians. Though some resorts try to prevent this practice, it is very hard to control. But even with some flex in the prices, they are still probably a good bit lower than anything you could negotiate for yourself. With the resort there is the prospect of repeat business. That is not true with you.

The other cost savings comes from experience. Presumably you do not plan to have more than one Acapulco wedding in your life. The wedding planner may handle several dozen in a year. Touches that to you may seem marvelous may, through the lens of experience, be seen as more trouble or expense than they are worth.

If the catering is provided by an Acapulco resort, the charges will be based on the number of people expected. There will be enough of everything for everyone, and unlike a do-it-yourself affair — you do not have to overbuy, just to be safe, and then wind up paying for things you did not use.

Wedding planners are aware that many couples do not have a ton of money to spend on the wedding ceremony and hospitality. They are accustomed to working within a budget. And in Acapulco, the budget can stretch much farther than elsewhere in North America or in Europe. For example, Acapulcos tropical climate makes it possible to buy incredible flowers for the wedding at a small fraction of what they cost in colder climates.

Another benefit of working with a wedding planner is having a more realistic sense about when things start and how long they take. Time in Acapulco is more elastic than in the English-speaking world. Nothing should be programmed too tightly.

If you are worried that a wedding planner will take over everything and deprive you of the fun (and the design prerogative) of planning your own wedding, you just need to engage in a careful search for the person whose approach is most harmonious with yours. Avoid those who seem to have a one-size-fits-all approach. They are not creative, they do not listen to their clients, and they are mainly concerned with meeting sales goals. Fortunately, they are a small minority. Most resorts are aware that brides may choose the location for the wedding (and hence the lodging and catering) based on how well she relates to the wedding planner on staff. They train and encourage their people to suggest, but not impose, to guide, but not lead. Some resorts can proudly point to many couples that come back every year for a vacation because their wedding was such a success.

Next to selecting the wedding planner with great care, the second most important tip for having a memorable and beautiful Acapulco wedding is to give the planner and yourselves more than enough time for making the plan work well. Some things simply can not be accomplished on the spur of the moment. When you think of all the things that have to come together at once travel arrangements, lodging, catering, and official paperwork it is just common sense to start many months in advance if at all possible. The best idea is to make a special trip to interview wedding planners and meet personally with the one you select, to get everything off to a good start.