Getting In Shape For Your Wedding

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on their wedding day. They want to be able to wear that strapless dress without fear of bingo wings. They want to be at their physical peak and have the photos to prove it. Lets face it, they want the assembled guests to gasp in awe as they float effortlessly down the aisle, a vision of loveliness. The trouble is (aside from the fact that in reality the only gasp most of us will inspire is one of shared embarrassment as we trip over our too-long dress and land at the feet of the vicar), with nuptials looming time is tight and money is being spent like the wedding marks the end of the world.

So how do you get in shape for the big day without taking too much precious time away from the planning or too much precious money away from the dress and shoe (and champagne) fund?

New bride Sarah Lewellen shared her secret with us: Six weeks before the wedding I still hadnt done a stitch of exercise. I wanted to lose weight as quickly as possible, so I decided to go to boot camp she confided. Boot camp is exactly what you imagine it might be: a week of intense exercise and strict dieting. Sarah went to a camp in Scotland but you can find them throughout the UK. It was hard, Sarah told us. We were woken up at 4 or 5 am and made to run a mile before wed even have breakfast, then for the rest of the day we would do classes or maybe a ten mile hike. Although it was tough, Sarah admitted she did enjoy it and even lost half a stone, which in one week is impressive by any standards. The downside, though (aside from the early mornings, strict rations and punishing exercise regime), is the cost. At around a grand for the week it is not the cheapest solution.

If your pockets dont run that deep, you could try visiting one of the many gyms in London. And before you ask, no, you dont need to be a member of a gym in London to go to a gym in London. You just need to have heard of payasugym. With well over 120 gyms in London, payasugym enables you to visit whichever participating gym you chose, as many times as you like, on a pay-per-session basis. Thats right, it really is pay-as-you-go, just as the name suggests.

Of course, toning up or losing weight isnt the only preparation a bride might want to do before her wedding day. With all the stress of the planning, taking time out to relax and pamper yourself is as important as making sure the caterer is going to turn up. Its no use trying to turn your body into Cindy Crawford if your face says Miss Havisham.

Payasugym can help out here too, as many of their gyms in London also have spas, which you can use once youve bought a pass from the website. You dont even need to go to the gym. Head to the swimming pool to float about for a while and pretend you are exercising, give yourself a facial by opening up those pores in the sauna and steam room, then head for a much needed massage. So now you can evaporate the frustration of having the photographer and florist on speed-dial without having membership to a swanky club. You could even take the Mother-in-Law-to-be to a luxury spa in London and treat her. That should get you in her good books.

A one-off gym visit to a gym in London starts from around 4.50 for a basic gym, heading up to 20 for visit to a luxury, top of the range spa. Perfect for those brides-to-be who want to tone up and get a healthy glow in time for the big day.