Gardening with Flower Box and Hanging Baskets

In gardening, we have so many options on how to use our available space at home to maximize the usage of our living space. Examples of which are window box,flower box, flower baskets and the conventional bed gardens. But nowadays, people from urban areas are more interested on modern gardening methods like flower box andhanging baskets.

One of the most popular gardening methods these days is flower box gardening. It is not like the conventional gardening style that occupies a lot of gardening space. You only need few long boxes which measures about a meter or two to accommodate several plants and some soil. Flower boxes would be easier to manage because it only has limited space for planting. Container gardening does not only cater herbal or vegetable plants. Most garden enthusiasts are also using flower plants for home decoration purposes.

The good thing about container gardening is the option of placing flower boxes indoors and outdoors. Both have great impact to our house. There are also several selections for container boxes. PVC, aluminum, wooden and iron are some of the available container types. All different material types are available in all local flower shops and can be purchased online as well.

Another urban gardening trend is the use of hanging basket. It does not occupy most of our living space because of its hanging advantage option. It is far different from flower box because it only allows single plant or flowering plant. The latter is the most ideal choice for planting because of its colorful bloom and best to have bountiful flowering plants placed on a basket. Hanging basket is usually made of iron or metal wires. The only difference of each type is the inserts. Coco liner, moss and twigs and coco fiber are some of the available insert types for hanging baskets. Good thing about inserts, they are changeable. We can definitely change it every now and then if we want to, unlike flower box, it would be a lot of work and time knowing that it is a lot bigger and has lots of contents.

Take a look at some availableflower boxand hanging baskets online to have some time visualizing about how you can develop your home by adding these simple gardening structures. I bet it would be fun!