Garden Product Review – Bunnings Range Of Garden Sheds

Last month i reviewed the Stihl range of Brush Cutters. This month I’m going to review a reasonably important garden product that can significantly improve your garden and that is the standard shed. You might be wondering how a shed improves your gardening? Simply this, a sensible garden requires sensible tools. A smart, solid, water-proof garden shed can keep your gardening tools better for extended, enabling you to higher care for and maintain your garden.

For this explicit review I have decided to not review a specific brands range as I previously have, but a explicit look because I feel Bunnings actually has a sufficient range for most gardeners needs.

Shed 1 – Masterstore Garden Shed 1.5m x 1.5m

This shed is the littlest in the range. It’s a terribly simple shed that’s terribly straightforward to place together and erect. The Masterstore Garden Shed is good for gardener with only some tools or who aren’t significantly worried about being able to put out your tools during a particular order. The shed is accessible in pale Eucalypt colour (pictured) or classic cream. This particular shed only has one door but it is only a very basic shed. One big upside to the present shed is that because it is little, you’ve got several options to position it. Plenty of folks purchase a little garden shed like this to position under an existing carport or patio area. A good, basic choice.

Shed two – Tidymaster Garden Shed 2.3m X 2.3m

The following size up within the Bunnings vary and it very could be a comparatively significant increase. An upside to purchasing a bigger shed like this is often that is is abundant easier to fit a worthwhile bench within the shed and additionally permits for a additional organised shed to be set up, with board for tools to be hung from. A garden bench helps to extend house use because equipment like lawnmowers and Brush Cutters can be placed underneath it and also the bench itself will be used for coming up with or storing other tools. This shed is accessible in plain zinc color or the pale Eucalypt colour. It’s created from slightly stronger materials than the Masterstore, has a solid hinged door and a gable roof. An amazing alternative if you want a slightly larger garden shed.

Shed three – Tidymaster Garden Shed 3m x 3m

This can be the most important garden shed that Bunnings sells. The biggest bonus to this garden shed, different than the scale, is that it comes with 2 doors which means that moving equipment out and in could be a breeze. Straightforward equipment like wheelbarrows and lawnmowers will never be an issue once more! Obviously the larger size afford more area for additional tools to be stored and conjointly suggests that that this size is the most effective shed to double as a piece area for numerous gardening tasks like putting together wood supports or building garden bed frames etc. Another upside to the scale is if you put in shelving units and therefore the like, they do not have to go right up against the walls (as a result of you have got further area) that reduces the result of condensation and any attainable leaks within the shed, that can help preserve your tools for longer. This shed is out there in the plain zinc colour or classic cream. My garden shed of selection from the Bunnings range!