Garden Lighting – 4 Major Advantages Of Garden Lights In Your Yard

Warding off prowlers

For the very same reason that campers need to keep their fire kindled throughout the night, you ought to have a lighting system installed in your garden. Light keeps away creatures of the dark. That category includes both animals and humans who are out to no good; entities that like to do their business at night when no one is watching. And nothing keeps them away better – deters them from doing mischief – than a well-lit lawn and garden.

Camouflaging the interior of the house

If you have a well-lit garden, people passing by at night will not be able to make out the interior of your dimly lit house easily. Even if you habitually leave some low-powered night lights at strategic points in your house (near the light switches, for instance), they won’t be visible from the outside if you have sufficient garden lighting.

That makes you less vulnerable in relation to the people outside your house. While you can see everyone and everything that your garden lights illuminate, you won’t be visible to any of them. Thieves are well aware of this fact and will not venture into a property that is illuminated by garden lighting at night, much less peek into its windows. If the window is fitted with glass panes or screens, the reflection from the garden lighting will make looking inside difficult

If they really want to take a look, they will have to use flashlights to make out the inside of the house. That will make it easier for your guard dogs to know that they are there.

Enhancing the appearance of your garden

There are certain types of garden lights which not only glow beautifully at night but also make excellent decorative pieces in your garden during the day. For instance, you will find crystal butterflies studded with miniature solar bulbs. These are ideal decor to gladden your flowering shrubs at whatever time of day.

And then you have porcelain frogs, turtles, bunnies or fairies in various poses, sometimes perched on rock fountains. There may be posts growing out of their backs atop which are solar lights, or the lights may be built into them… on their backs or their tummies, or held in their hands.

The solar lights themselves come in many colors. However exacting your visual preferences are, there is a good chance you can get the type of night ambiance that you want for your garden.

You need only search for ‘animal garden solar lights’ in your favorite search engine and you can see how beautifully solar lights can vivify your garden day and night.

Manufacturers of garden lighting equipment are also making garden lights along simpler lines. If your garden decor is based on elementary shapes – the way the Japanese fashion theirs – you will fall in love with the simple designs of grass lamps. These are low enough to show in detail your delicate rock arrangements, your rock fountains and intricate bonsais at night. But you also have tall garden lamps, constructed in both regular and asymmetric shapes, for illuminating the entire lawn.

Improving the value of your property

Eventually, garden lighting is an investment of sorts, particularly if you have a prevalence of solar lights. By enhancing the appearance of your lawn and driveway, they give your grounds a welcoming ambiance that goes towards raising its value and appeal for buyers. So if you bought a second house as an investment – whether to sell it or rent it out – tastefully furnishing it with garden lighting is a comparatively inexpensive way of increasing your returns. Solar power is a free resource and solar bulbs need not be replaced for some time.