Garden Furniture Those Lazy Sunny Days

Looking outside now it seems so long ago the last time the weather was good enough to sit and relax it the garden, now we need to be thinking about packing the garden furniture away for another season. But, the good old British weather could still change and we dont want to miss out on the few sunny days that still could come.

The trouble is what to do with the garden furniture? If we leave it out it will get wet and spoil, if we put it away we either have to drag it out again or sit on the grass, dont you love the British weather?

There are other options. Modern garden furniture allows us to leave it outside without the worry of the weather spoiling it. Traditionally we have had the reliable, but somewhat boring, white plastic patio table and chair set for outside and the more stylish wicker furniture for inside.

Modern manufacturing methods and modern materials now give us the best of both worlds with more style choices and it is weather proof. We can now have the style and comfort of the wicker furniture with the practical benefits of the old plastic patio set from synthetic rattan.

Synthetic rattan furniture is made from a compound of synthetic resin made from materials of organic origin and materials derived from minerals. This synthetic resin then has colourants added to give a natural look and is then moulded with a textured print for a natural feel.

The result is a synthetic rattan that can be made into garden furniture that has the benefits of being UV resistant and is extremely resistant to atmospheric agents and general weather conditions, so you can leave it out all year round and dont have to worry about the sun fading it or the cold rainy weather spoiling it.

Manufacturers also now weave the synthetic rattan around metal or aluminium frames that can be made into more intricate designs that offer wider choice of styles. So, whether you are looking for a 6 seat dinning table, comfortable conservatory furniture or a bistro set or patio furniture there is something that will appeal.

Even the cloth garden furniture has seen the benefits of technology. Some products being made today like deck chairs and hammocks use Elltex Fabric. Elltex is a polyester and cotton mix that is also weather proof, UV resistant and hardly fades and stays tear resistant even after repeatedly getting wet.

With modern manufacturing processes and materials we can enjoy all those sunny days relaxing in the garden and there is no need to worry about leaving the furniture outside out side and it getting wet, it will still be OK tomorrow.

The only thing you have to consider now is what to buy? There is a wide variety of choice with different styles and colours available for every room or garden and every occasion. But what about product quality? Some products come with up to a 5 year guarantee, are made with sturdy aluminium frames and come ready assembled.

So, with our outside space becoming more and more important for relaxing and entertaining and wanting to enjoy our free time in style and comfort there is a garden furniture option that will fit our life style. Whatever you are looking for from patio furniture or bistro set to conservatory furniture to 6 seat dining table we can rest assured that the British weather wont spoil it.