Garden Care Made Simple With The Right Gardening Tools

Garden tools are designed specifically to get the job done they were intended for. The original designs might still be the same, but there have been various improvements made. For example, you can buy a garden hoe that has a guard on it to act as a plant protector. Of course there is a never ending effort to produce new materials. The trend in this area concerns new metal alloys and composites, and each has its benefits. But a lot of times newer tools are as equally expensive, and sometimes more, due to efforts to recoup developmental costs. Of course, you can’t go wrong with gardening tools made with stainless steel.

There are times when names for common garden tools are mistaken for other tools. For instance, you have a shovel or a spade, which often causes people to confuse the two. A spade is the right tool to use if you need to dig into hard soil. However, a shovel is often wider and flatter so it can scoop up loose dirt or other materials. Modern tool makers sometimes sell spades that have handles created in the shape of the letter D. This could mean that the tool is designed to dig as well as to scoop up loose dirt. The tools you buy should be made of good quality forged metal wherever possible. Pressed metal tools are a cheaper option, but they will bend more readily. Many keen gardeners appreciate the benefits of creating a compost pile in the yard. Of course a pitch fork will work very well with a compost pile. Every gardener should have a pitch fork to help out with many other jobs around the garden. You might also decide to use a spading fork, which is great for compost and for loosening soil in garden beds. However, if you’re turning over a large garden or starting a new plot, a square spade might be the right tool. When you need to turn over large areas of soil, a square spade is capable of scooping up lots of soil at once to be turned over ready to plant. Larger garden tools, like spades or forks, should be made of good quality materials that will endure any job you have to get done.

Another very handy garden tool is the garden hoe, which is great for preparing soil and garden beds. It’s possible to find these made from a variety of differing materials. The manual hoe is usually used to work the soil when it’s needed. You can lightly till the soil to provide for better aeration and allow water to penetrate more easily. A garden hoe is the perfect tool to let you create ideal garden soil without needing to lift or turn heavy loads of soil. If the ground is severely compacted, you may want to prepare the soil with a long handled garden fork and then use the hoe.

We feel so strongly about using only quality gardening tools that we often recommend replacing inferior quality. If you have been using gardening tools that are poorly made, it would be recommendable for you to replace them with something a little sturdier that will last you a long time. Your gardening tasks will be much easier and more efficient for doing so.