Garden Bridges Turning Gardens Into Works Of Art

Garden bridges are great pieces of garden decorations that simply bring gardens into life. Any ordinary garden can become impressively attractive with a simple addition of a wooden garden bridge. A garden bridge will not only add beauty and elegance but it also serves as a walkway above a beautiful fish pond or a small stream that runs through your garden. Even a boring stone garden will spring to life with a garden bridge decoration.

There are a wide variety of styles and deigns that can be easily ordered online and there are online sites where you can order your own fully-customized garden bridge. You can choose the type of you wood, decorative materials, length, size and design. Some of the most popular styles are the arched bridge and the flat platform. The arched garden bridges are best for mini-pools in your garden, garden fish ponds or garden streams. Garden bridges also look great on pure stony gardens, add a few potted plants around, a little lighting effect through the use of solar post caps at night and pronto! You get a beautiful garden in an instant.

The common length of garden bridges is 8 feet by four feet but can have it customized for up to any length you like, depending on the size of your garden of course. The right style and form will add a very romantic ambience to your garden especially at night. You can also have the hand rails and poles customized. You can also place a garden bridge or foot bridge on your pool where you can swim under or stand on your foot bridge if you just want to marvel at the beautiful and calm pool water below it.

If you want to make sure that your garden bridge will last for many years, you must use a type of wood that can withstand the test of time such as pressure-treated woods. You can also go for wooden bridges with steel brackets and galvanized fasteners such as galvanized bolts and nuts to guarantee durability and safety. Today, there are also garden bridges made from quality grade plastic. Plastic is perfect if you live in area where rain is frequent. You can also easily install garden bridges that have no hand rails and poles -elegant yet simple.

You can purchase a garden bridge made of wood, bamboo, plastic, steel or wood an steel combination from your local home and garden depot but it is more convenient to buy or order online with the use of your credit and online companies who specialize in the construction of garden foot bridges can deliver it to your home in as quick as 5 days. This online process is more convenient for many homeowners and the choices are almost limitless.

If you want to save money on your own garden foot bridge, you can buy easy to assemble bridge kits. Just make sure you follow the instructions correctly and make sure that you use the special tools required in assembling your homemade garden bridge. Of course, you have to consider safety above others especially if you have kids who will surely love to play on your little garden bridge.