From Remington Sculptures To Mermaid Tables Selecting Your Perfect Bronze Piece

For those interested in sculpture, bronze is a neutral, attractive metal that lends itself to decoration in many ways. Using the lost-wax casting method, bronze masterpieces can be recreated in detail, offering an affordable option for those wishing to add a classic piece of artwork to their home or garden. If you are considering selecting a piece for your home, your options are numerous.

When many people think of bronze sculptures, they think of Remington bronzes. Frederic Remington is famous for his depiction of the original cowboy; the most popular of his works is the The Bronco Buster. A life-sized reproduction can make quite a statement when placed as a focal point in a room, like an entryway or in a stately library. (A large piece of artwork such as this could also be displayed outdoors.) If western art isn’t your style, consider the life-sized Two Sisters by Auguste Moreau, or Auguste Rodins The Thinker.

If you are limited by budget or space, a tabletop bronze sculpture is ideal. Smaller renditions of large sculptures are available, as well as pieces that were originally created on a smaller scale (for example, the first Remington bronze, The Bronco Buster, was only 22 inches high). While Remington sculptures are popular, you can pick from a variety of styles such as art deco pieces, birds, classical, or oriental bronze sculptureswhatever matches your surroundings or just tickles your fancy. Since bronze is considered a neutral, it will compliment any decorating scheme.

One unique way to display bronze artwork is to select a piece that has been designed with function in mind. Bronze tables are a unique example of this; most pieces have bronze work as the foundation of the table, with glass placed on top. Bronze artist Marina has created a number of interesting mermaid tables, all consisting of an intricately-styled mermaid cast in bronze, who holds up the a glass tabletop. Or, consider an unusual bronze table by P.J.Mene: an elephants head, delicately balanced on its trunk, supports the glass tabletop. This type of piece is an imaginative addition to any room, as well as a conversation piece.

Another functional type of bronze artwork is the lamp. Most feature an exquisite bronze sculpture (duplicating European masterpieces) with tinted glass lights in a lotus shape, resulting in a lamp with great character and beauty. Decorative lighting is an easy way to express your personal style, and is an easy way to add something special to any room.

Bronze fountains are an excellent way to add interest to any outdoor landscape. Figures like Cupid or other cherubs are common in this artwork, along with mermaids, fish, dolphins, and the majestic swordfish. The work of French sculptor Francois Giradon is a classic example of this type of sculpture, as is the Two Dolphins fountain by Castano. Depending on the type of fountain, they can stand alone, be mounted on wall, or even serve as a bird feeder or hold a small pool for fish.

If you are considering decorating with bronze artwork, your choices are endless. Master reproductions of Remington bronzes and other famous artists have been created in life-size proportions, tabletop pieces, and art that combines both form and function like in tables, lamps, or fountains. Bronze sculpture can bring warmth to your home, inside and out.