Fresh Cut Flower Combination To Be Pleasingly Arranged

There are many fresh cut flower varieties that can be used every day in a florist shop or your home. Each family of flowers can have from one to hundreds of species in that family. Because there are so many varieties of flowers and even more species within each of the families, this will only be a small list of what is available out there for your use. Once you start using some flowers you will be able to expand as you become more familiar with what is available and what you enjoy using.

Some designers prefer working with multiple bloom flowers such as mums. The multiple blooms give the designer options a single bloom does not. Multiple blooms are common with daisies and cushion mums, which typically come in yellow or white. The multiple blooms can be placed separately in a short container with floral foam. Other mums in the popular family are spiders, Fuji and pom mums.

Found in a multitude of colors, roses are very popular for weddings and the holiday of love: Valentines Day. They are grown in home gardens as well as hot houses, making them available to designers year round. Another family member is the spray rose, which carries numerous blooms on its stem as opposed to its sister the long stem rose.

Another popular flower with designers is the lily. Larger than most blooms, these can be found with single or multiple bloom stems. The Asiatic is a popular family and can be found in orange, white and yellow. These blooms are used as a main point in a design or as part of the mix, which is determined by the artist designing the piece.

Tropicals are bold and a great way to make a statement when arranging flowers. Depending on whom you ask in the floral industry, lilies could be considered as a tropical flower. Some of the more popular ones to use are ginger, protea, anthuriums, bird of paradise, calla lily (unrelated to the lily family), heliconia, and the orchid family. These flowers each make a statement and typically are set into low flat container with the floral foam covered and each bloom set majestically to be seen by all. If this is something you are interested in you should look at various arrangements to get ideas on how they are arranged since it is typically different than the average arrangement.

Some of the flower families lend themselves to certain work, such as tall vase arrangements as well as wedding and funeral pieces because they are tall and show better. While color may dictate which ones are used where, the larkspur, gladiolus, delphinium, bells of Ireland and snapdragons are all good for this purpose. The green bells can fit in anywhere, whereas the delphinium is a deep blue and may not fit in your color scheme of the design you are working on. Glads and snaps frame your piece well and come in a variety of colors that can be used.

Fillers such as gyp, also known as baby’s breath, solidago or goldenrod, Queen Anns Lace, statice, and waxflower are all popular items used to fill in the empty spaces in an arrangement. Hence the name fillers. Gyp and Queen Anns Lace both come in white, while solidago is yellow. Statice and waxflower can be found in other colors such as lavender. Because of the colors, some fillers work better in an arrangement than others.

Greens that you might find in the cooler of a florist are tree fern, myrtle, pittosporum, leather fern or eucalyptus. Greens are great for covering the mechanics of an arrangement, or framing the piece. Palm fronds can be used in an arrangement to frame the back of a piece such as a standing spray. Using fresh cuts have a variety of features to consider. Start with a sharpened knife, flowers, a container and your imagination and you will be on your way to enjoying the beauty of flowers.