Fountain Pens

Some things are meant to be everlasting. Fountain pens are one of them. While time and technology might give us better alternatives, they can never replace the class of the fountain pen. The original fountain pens were writing instruments that could carry their own ink.

It was these pens that replaced the quills which were used for writing in those days. However, it took researchers several years to convert the fountain pen into the smooth writing instrument that we are all aware of today. Today, a fountain pen consists of three different parts.

1.The nib is what connects to the paper and gives the pen its characteristic. Different styled nibs have been used by fountain pen users for different styles of writing. Calligraphy experts also swear by the performance of fountain pen nibs.
2.The feed that controls the ink flow from the reservoir into the nib.

3.The barrel or the round part made of plastic or wood that you actually hold while writing. It is this part that protects the ink reservoir within. The reservoir itself is a small sac made of soft rubber that can store and release ink easily.

Wooden Fountain pens

The usage of wood to create fountain pens came as a surprise in the earlier part of the century. But the sheer elegance of wooden fountain pens fascinated pen lovers and it soon became a collectors item. Owning a fountain pen wasnt enough. It had to be a handcrafted wooden fountain pen. Pen makers also realized the potential in this new market and immediately retooled their factories, hired wood smiths and fired up their wood lathes. Lanier Pens is the leading manufacture in this fairly new industry. They are the premier manufacture of more than 800 styles of hand crafted fine writing instruments made out of wood including wood fountain pens.

Today, you can sit at home and order a custom designed wooden fountain pen by visiting Not only are these ideal collectors items but they also make great gifts. No matter what the occasion, give away a wooden fountain pen and notice the difference.