flowers Knows How To Put Together A Great Flower Basket

Putting together great flower baskets is more a fine art than an exact science. It requires passion and creativity. Thats why its not easy to find world-class flower baskets, especially not online unless, of course, you shop at 1-800-Flowers. Decades of experience have taught these top-notch professional florists what makes a great flower basket.


First of all, a great flower basket must be aesthetically pleasing. 1-800-Flowers definitely exceeds expectations in this regard. Every effort is made to ensure that the flowers used in the flower baskets remain fresh and healthy days for days, even for baskets that have been shipped over long distances. The flower arrangements are thoughtfully designed to bring out the bright, vivid colors of fresh flowers, celebrating the pure and unadulterated beauty of Mother Nature. Take for example the Pink Perfection flower bouquet which is one of the most popular gifts among lovers. The floral arrangement takes its cue from classic romance tales such as Romeo and Juliet and Antony and Cleopatra, lending the entire bouquet a touch of old-world charm and recalling the romantic excesses of yesteryear. These innovative themes evidence the amount of thought that has been put into each floral arrangement to make the flower baskets at 1-800-Flowers a visual feast.

Emotional Resonance

However, its not enough that a gift be visually pleasing. In order to convey your sincerity towards the recipient, your gift should also carry emotional resonance. It should send a message regarding your well wishes towards the lucky gift recipient. Fortunately, 1-800-Flowers knows how to create meaningful flower baskets as well. One only has to look at the immensely popular Youre a Gem Bouquet to realize how adept the 1-800-Flowers florists are at imbuing each floral arrangement with meaningful messages. The romantic combination of hot pink and crimson red roses is paired with a keepsake gemstone an eloquent way of sending messages like I love you and You are precious to me. In fact, these subtle visual methods of conveying deep-seated emotions may actually be more effective than expressing your feelings in plain speech, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. After all, scientific research has shown that women are significantly more adept at intuitive inference that men, and are thus more likely to appreciate the deeper meaning behind these delightful gifts.

Value for the Money

Finally, a great flower basket must offer great value for money. In gift-giving, its the thought that’s put into a gift that counts more than the amount of money you spend. Giving a sincere and heart-warming gift doesnt mean having to break the bank, and with the great sales and promotional prices at 1-800-Flowers youll never have to. Their dedication to offering customers industry-leading value is showcased by their well-stocked Sale section. A flower basket can cost as little as $29.99, yet look as if it were a hundred-dollar arrangement purchased from a luxury florist.