Flowers For New Born Babies

New born babies are symbols of delicateness and it is appropriate that they be welcome with a gestured that echoes the same sentiment. Flowers for new born babies are the most fitting gift to welcome a baby as they echo similar feelings. But not all flowers qualify as a gift, only a few do. Since babies love vibrancy around them, the perfect thing would be a mixture of various bright coloured flowers kept on a souvenir. Pink flowers can be assimilated in a bunch and perhaps kept on a toy baby elephant. Pink is the colour of happiness, grace and admiration, all virtues associated with a new born. A combination of yellow, floral and orange flowers would be good too. Yellow is the colour that symbolizes virtues like joy, zeal, happiness and care where as floral is symbolic of desire, modesty, enthusiasm and sweetness. These flowers can be taken to the baby kept on a toy wagon or a fire engine.

Blue is the colour of peace and tranquillity and ironically, a baby also needs an atmosphere of peace and serenity when it happens. A bunch of fresh blue flowers would convey that meaning to the hilt. Green is the colour that is associated with Mother Nature. Green coloured flowers will perhaps be a gesture that can connect the baby directly to nature and its warmth. Baby girls can be given purple coloured flowers as the colour has an element of femininity associated with it. It would complement the girl child ideally to have purple coloured flowers besides her radiating her inherent feminism. One flower from all the above mentioned colours can be chosen and assimilated into a bunch, which would again be a very innovative gift to a new born. All these colours signify good and pleasant virtues and can be associated well with a newly born baby who has just made an entry into the world. The flowers ought to be fresh as the arrival of a baby is also a fresh indication of a new life being welcomed.

All these flowers for new born babies come with their own special meanings. The choice often depends on the favourite colour of the person gifting them but eventually, all the colours mentioned above go well as a gift. At the same time, there are some colours that need to be stringently avoided like black and white as flowers for new babies, as these coloured flowers have a negative meaning associated with them. It is best to avert gifting these flowers as they tend to evoke the wrong sentiment and the whole effort might boomerang badly despite the intentions being noble.

Flowers are gentle, delicate and sober, very similar to babies who need to be handled very delicately and gently. Flowers for new born babies would any day be much better than an expensive toy that would be very mechanical and emotionless. Flowers are lively and exude life, something that always goes instinctively with a new born baby.