Flowers Decoration In A Hindu Wedding Function

Fresh smelling flowers, in bright hues add to the decoration of wedding. Decorating with flowers is common in weddings. In Hindu Matrimonial, the mandap, the podium where the groom and bride stands and the entrance are beautifully decorated with flowers. Flowers not just add beauty to the place but also make the entire wedding venue fragrant.

In Hindu Matrimonial functions, marigolds and rajnigandhas (white blooms) are common flowers used for decoration. Roses, lilies and chrysanthemums are some of the other flowers used in decorating the halls and the podium for bride and groom. Exotic flowers like orchids, which are easily available in India, are also used in decoration now days.

The entrance of the wedding venue is beautifully decorated with marigolds. An arch of yellow marigolds with leaves welcomes the guests. Long hanging strands of marigolds woven in threads are tied in the gates. Yellow or orange marigolds with leaves are considered auspicious in Hindu wedding ceremonies. Even though exotic flowers are used for decoration, marigolds are used for certain rituals.

Beautiful decoration of flowers is done in the podium where bride and groom will exchange garlands. Exchanging of garlands, known as jaimala, is an important ritual in certain Hindu communities. A flower net made of roses, lilies, rajnigandhas etc, gives a striking look to the entire podium. After exchanging of garlands, friends and relatives stand with the couple and click photos. The amazing flower decoration lends an appealing visual to the photos.

The mandap, the place where the final rituals of the wedding happens, are another area where flowers are decorated. The mandap usually has four wooden poles at four corners, which is covered with flower strings. The mandap is entirely decorated with flowers.

The wedding car, in which the groom arrives to the wedding venue, is also decorated with flowers. Mostly rajnigandha flowers are used to decorate the car. Rose buds are fixed in between and add to the beauty of the decoration.

Flowers are also used to decorate the wedding halls where guests arrive and sit before the wedding starts. Rose bouquets, marigold strings and other flowers are commonly used in these areas.

Mostly, in the contemporary settings, family hires wedding venues to organize the Hindu matrimonial functions. However, this does not mean that the house is not decorated. The entrance of the house is decorated with flowers and colored light bulbs. The inside of the house is also given a flower decoration.

Some Hindu families, especially the rich and affluent ones, decorate the entire wedding venue with exotic flowers. Exotic orchids in pink and purple are commonly used to decorate the wedding venues, mandap and the podium.

Last but not the least, the room of the couple is beautifully decorated with fresh flowers. After the wedding ceremony and post-wedding rituals get over, the couple retires to this room. Roses and ranjnigandha makes the entire room fragrant and gives romantic feel to the room.