Flowers And Superstitions

Because they mean many things to many people, flowers are associated with a number of popular superstitions that persist to this day. Here’s a rundown of some surprising and funny flower beliefs.

Don’t give an even number of flowers to anyone. In some places, they are associated with death!

If you’re in a cemetery, don’t make the mistake of taking flowers from a grave. This could lead to an early death!

Want to know how long your marriage will last? For women, all they have to do is to pick up daisies with their eyes closed. The number of flowers they collect supposedly indicates how many years they will be married.

Feeling blue? Go outside and look for a couple of lilies or poppies. These flowers supposedly have a magical effect that fight depression and will ease your sorrow.

This is a classic: pick a daisy and remove the petals one by one while saying, “He loves me” and “He loves me not.” You’ll learn how the man you admire really feels about you.

Although it is the national flower of Wales, the daffodil was once considered unlucky by poultry keepers since it was believed to prevent poultry from laying eggs and eggs from hatching.

Orchid roots were once used by Greek women to control the sex of their unborn babies. If the father ate large tubers, the child would be male. For a female child, the mother had to eat small tubers.

Before it became a symbol of the Holy Trinity for the Irish people, the shamrock or white clover was used by the early Celts of Wales as a charm against evil spirits. The rare four-leaf clover is a universal sign of good luck

Today, flowers are used to convey feelings of love, friendship, sympathy, admiration or respect. To show what you mean, pick the right flowers for the right occasion.