Flower Images Revitalize And Refresh Your Energy Levels

Flowers have a wonderful energy that we are all attracted to bright and positive, warm and loving, it is a universal energy that just makes us feel good.

Those of us who are lucky enough to have gardens can take a breather from our busy lives and just step into the garden to restore ourselves looking at a particularly beautiful flower or a bush bursting with blossom, smelling the fresh scent of growing things can be all we need to give us a second wind at that report to be written on the computer or the energy sapping accounts that must be done by tomorrow.

What about people who are city bound, living in an apartment that looks on to more apartments? How can they access some of that fresh flower energy for themselves? If you cant afford regular trips to the florist for fresh flowers to give you that boost, then another great option is to fill your working and home environment with flower pictures. Flower images will give you that visual boost of energy every time your eyes linger over the soft colors of the petals of a rose or feast on the energetic brights of orange daisies or showy fuschias. You may not have the scent of the flowers to recharge you on that level but you can still take in some of that precious flower energy to relax you for a moment.

Flower pictures make great meditation tools as well. For meditation you want to have a calm clean space without too much clutter and a few images around that you can focus on to create a calm energy within yourself. A flower image is ideal for that as it shifts your mind from the preoccupations of your daily life to a simpler energy of beauty and growth. Choose soothing colors for your flower pictures for your meditation space.

Bright flower images are great for your living space, kitchen or wherever you want a buzz of energy and enthusiasm in your life. Vibrant reds, oranges and yellows wake you up first thing in the morning, bring a smile to your face over your first cup of coffee, start you day off with a positive attitude, and you can keep that brightness with you in your mind even as you set out into a grey winter street.

Use a flower picture as a screen saver on your computer, so that whenever you are desk bound, its soothing energy can revitalize you and make your computer time less stressful. Even better have a series of flower images programmed as a slide show on your computer, so that any time you feel fed up and drained you can take a quick break and fill your soul with color again.

Look for flower images on the internet, where specialist flower galleries offer a huge selection of art and natural images of flowers for you to choose from. They are so inexpensive that you can browse once a week to find a flower image that inspires you for that period then ring the changes for a new bright flower to match your mood the next week.