Flower Girl Jewelry

The little flower girl gives all of your wedding day guests an extra little smile as she sways down the isle with her flowers or flower petals. No one can look at the little sweetness that she is without copping a smile for how proud she is to be part of someones special day. Thats what is so wonderful about weddings. They bring out joy and happiness in everyone and the littlest people contribute too.

Your little flower girl wants to look as beautiful as the big girls and wants to play that extra special part just for you. She wants to be glamorous and beautiful. Giving your flower girl some flower girl jewelry she can cherish for her childhood is a great gift idea. She will be so excited to open a gift just for her, to find a beautiful piece of flower girl jewelry she can wear to accentuate her look too.

There are a wealth of online stores that sell the same pieces of flower girl jewelry. They are nice, but finding a customizable flower girl necklace, earrings or bracelet is your best bet to finding the perfect fit, style and color match. Look for a reputable company that offers sizing options, clasp and earring style options as well as pearl and crystal color options. Whether your flower girls gown will match the brides, or is similar to the bridesmaids, it is just as important that she has a piece of jewelry that both fits her but also matches your wedding color scheme as well.

A great option for flower girl jewelry is to have a necklace and bracelet that you can customize with an extender chain. An extender chain gives you adjustable length. While you may believe that your little flower girls wrist is only four inches, it may be a better fit at four and a half inches. Additionally, having an adjustable fit is a great way to allow your flower girl to wear her jewelry as she grows. Her little wrists wont be that small forever, so having the adjustability is a perfect way to let her jewelry grow with her.

Another item to consider is your flower girls ears. Are they pierced? If not, you may want to opt to leave earrings out. If earrings are a must for you, then finding a bridal jewelry store that offers clip on options for your flower girl or other party members without pierced ears, is an excellent method of achieving your look with a functional earring that she can wear.

All little girls love to play dress up and dream of their own special day where they will be a bride and be the center of attention. Being in your wedding is one of those special moments of her life that she will cherish as she grows. The flower girl jewelry that you give her is an excellent way of giving her a piece of jewelry she can wear while growing up.