Flower Fairies Means Imagining An Unspoiled World

Childhood would not be the same without the small and magic creatures that people the most wonderful of gardens: they are the flower fairies. Forever young, forever beautiful, tiny, yet with big hearts, flower fairies live in so many of the novels and folk tales of almost all cultures on earth. Believing in flower fairies means imagining an unspoiled world where flying from one place to another, disappearing at will or making spells is just as natural as having a piece of cake. Flower fairies are thought to come and live in gardens that are well taken care of with love and devotion.

All flower fairies have special roles to play in the garden; myths actually claim that every natural thing that goes on within the perimeter surrounding one’s house falls under the close observation of such a small magic guardian that ensures everything goes on smoothly. The world peopled by flower fairies is not a quiet one, on the contrary, they sing beautifully, they dance, laugh and make friends. These being said, children are absolutely thrilled about cartoons, pictures and stories in which flower fairies are the main characters. There are several things about flower fairies that fascinate the little ones.

First of all, flower fairies are imagined in small dimensions, they are closer to children by their size and gentle physical attributes, not to mention that their thin wings incite the imagination of anyone who has ever thought about flying. In movies, flower fairies seem a lot more closer to reality and our world by the similar structure of their life and ours. What differentiates us in the first place is the spell casting power and the harmony of their existence: there are no tears, no anger or frustration, nothing negative that could influence your child in a wrong way.

Flower fairies are also an important part of games and drawings devoted to small children. If interested, you can find plenty of materials online, all devoted to this little magic world which is completely sorrow free. With interactive computer games that have flower fairies as main characters, children learn how to build their own gardens, how to take care of each and every corner so as to make every plant and tree bloom and grow harmoniously. Thus, the educative side of such activities remains undoubtedly important, since games prepare young minds for the real game we play every day: life.

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