Flower Bed Cultivating Is An Art And Science Combined

Flowerbeds, which are designated areas for growing flowers, are the most important elements of any garden. Flower bed cultivation is a process that involves choosing the right space, proper designing of the beds, cultivating the most suited plants and providing continuous care to them. In fact, flower beds accentuate the aesthetics of the surroundings and prevent the invasion of weeds.

Flowerbeds are inevitable addition to any garden, be it a formal one like the garden around Taj Mahal or a totally informal and natural one. Flowerbeds are of different types like seasonal ones for keeping annuals and biennials like marigolds or permanent ones that has perennials like foxgloves, lupines etc. These islands of beauty can change even the drabbest landscape into a veritable beauty with their versatility.

Flower bed cultivation is not a featherbed process. The design should invariably complement the overall design scheme of the garden. The bed should be prepared so that it has good drainage since most garden plants, other than water plants, cannot survive swampy conditions. The overall design of the bed should be in a way that it effectively aids removing weeds, pests etc and allows easy watering and fertilization.

The area that you are planning to convert into a flower bed should be dug up well. You can add loose or compact soil, as the situation warrants, in order to improve the texture of the soil. The turf should neither be too hard or too loose. Spraying a herbicide on the turf can kill off weeds and their seeds from the site, but you can remove these unwanted guests by more natural methods like digging or tilling. A layer of compost spread at the top of the bed would aid easy and healthy growth.

One thing to be noted is that you would have to dig to at least two feet if perennials are being planted. You can install edging also, if felt necessary. Since flower beds are the most visible element of a garden, you need to approach flower bed cultivation in a professional manner. Expert advice on the matter can be obtained from the Internet, journals or experts in your area.