Feng Shui Your Patio, Family Room Or Office With Portable Waterfalls

In Chinese the words, feng shui, literally mean wind and water. For centuries the Chinese have used feng shui to advance the quality of life, since they have long observed that some environs are better than others. Feng shui in the present day has developed into a fine art used to improve fortune and happiness through the adjustment of layout and orientations of workplaces and houses and is gaining recognition in the West.

Bring flow into your existing career by adding a water feature near your homes front entrance. Whether or not youre currently working, an indoor waterfall with water flowing into the house, not out, will generate a torrent of opportunities for you. Placing pictures of moving water such as oceans with rolling waves or tumbling Amazonian waterfalls in that spot will achieve the same fabulous feng shui home decor objectives.

Water is symbolic of wealth. Having water near your home will influence you. Water that meanders and flows gently will give you a sense of flow in your life. Gently flowing clear water represents a consistent flow in your life flow of chi and money. Along with prosperity, this sense of flow brings more relaxation, that go with the flow feeling. Remember that water is essential to our lives and our bodies are part water.

When correctly placed, a six-tiered waterfall is among the most powerful wealth enhancers in the garden and home. It should be placed in the southwest inwards direction to invite positive energies. The southwest is described as the place of indirect spirits or elements and water in this sector of the room or garden will harness a lot of wealth/luck. The waterfalls size must be in balance or proportionate to the garden or room and must not overwhelm it.

A waterfall should never be placed in bedrooms. The bedroom is a yin place and the waterfall will contradict this. Waterfalls and fountains are strongly recommended for commercial buildings, i.e. inside hotel lobbies and outside the building, especially in front. If youre placing a waterfall in your family room, make sure the room is big enough to accommodate the waterfall along with the regular furniture.

The ideal time to apply feng shui rules is when youre designing a new building:
1.Consider employing a feng shui advisor to assist you in understanding the rules
2.Look for a parcel of land thats flat and generally rectangular
3.Plan a home thats square or rectangular
4.Avoid sharp projections, and make the building regular in shape
5.Add an entrance hall to the floor plan
6.Floor-to-ceiling windows placed in bedrooms allow too much chi to escape, so avoid them
7.Choose smooth surfaces for interior walls
8.Design a curving walkway to your front door

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