Fathers Day Flower Arrangements In Germany

Fathers Day celebration in Germany is far ancient than the modern American Fathers Day celebration. In fact, there is no national event like Fathers day in Germany. Germans celebrate the well being of all of the men of their society on the Ascension Day. This day comes after forty days of Easter. This year the day is going to be celebrated on 13th of May. There are three versions of mens celebration days in Germany. Vatertag or Fathers day is celebrated to honor all German fathers. The day is celebrated on federal level only. The federal government gives a federal holiday on this day. While on the regional level, Mannertag, mens day or Herrentag, gentlemens Day are celebrated instead. In other words we can say that Germans celebrate men at all social levels.
On Fathers Day, men are given the whole day off. They go out with their friends and enjoy themselves. Women are not supposed to be seen in the streets and picnic resorts. There are special German traditions also to celebrate the day. Men with their friends and family men go for a hiking tour on a traditional wagon. This wagon is known as Bollerwagon and is pulled by manpower. Germans carry traditional German dishes and drinks along the way, in their wagons. Traditional Gentlemen wine parties are held in streets. According to historians, these traditions are about five hundred years old.
However, with the passage of time, we can see considerable changes in the celebration style. The literate and more concern fathers avoid drinking and spending whole day out with friends. They prefer to give more time to their family. There are family gatherings, parties and special gifts for fathers and men on this day. Wearing roses as fathers day flowers in Germany is not common. However, children present fathers day flower arrangements in Germany to honor their fathers. Florists and flower store keepers make record sales on this day. Almost all of the major buildings, roads and streets are decorated with flowers for fathers day in Germany.
Online flower and gift shops also grind their axe on the occasion. They offer special discounted orders and add on for the day. Fathers day flower delivery Germany wide is made possible. They keep on introducing ever new marketing strategies and techniques, in order to attract as more customers of flowers for fathers day in Germany. Almost all of the local and online flower stores offer same day flower delivery on fathers day, Germany wide. The offshore Germans also send fathers Day flowers to Germany form almost every nook and corner of the world to Germany, with the help of these online flower stores. Those who are not German nationals also order fathers day flowers for their fathers, living in other countries.
Fathers day is celebrated in Germany in the unique German way. They celebrate the day on the Ascension Day. German Bollerwagon hiking tours and the wine parties are centuries old. In Germany, Fathers day is a whole day off for all the men of the society to enjoy themselves, siding the cares of everyday life.