Fall Wedding Flower

The popular choice of flowers for the wedding event

Everyone wants to create a perfect wedding, but can choose with so many options and the budget for higher and higher it can be a bit stressful. The election in the fall wedding flowers is not that different. We offer some information that will make the flower of choice can be easier for you to plan the flower part on your wedding more interesting!

There are a lot of flowers in the fall season. You can use traditional wedding flowers such as roses, peonies and orchids and seasonal flowers such as sunflowers, ranunculus, and chrysanthemums. Perhaps you can find your favorite flower of weakness of spring flowers. Below are some of the most popular ways for fall wedding flower.


Colors of the hydrangea is white, pink to blue and green. Hydrangea flowers look full, roundest head, consisting of small individual flowers. This flower is quite a comprehensive settlement. Depending on their color, hydrangeas look quite soft, bold or rustic. Use at your hydrangea arrangements, or more bouquets. This fall wedding flowers are for the combination with other flowers and fill in the wedding package is ideal.


Colors of Larkspur are white and pink to blue. This nodding flowers along long spires. Larkspur Cottage Flowers are synonymous. Add this flower as a cottage garden, a little spontaneous look at wedding arrangements. This fall wedding flowers increase visual height and give you the beautiful blue color, the other flowers is hard to get.


You can be white, yellow, pink and red colors of Amaryllis. The head has a long stem, large flower like a lily flower. Amaryllis, looking very dramatic and especially the red make for your very bold appointment. This fall wedding flowers can be used as single, the result for a dramatic wedding bouquet or arrangements. Combine with softer Amaryllis flowers are looking to have a nice contrast.

Calla Lily

Colors of Calla is white, but miniature Callas in a variety of colors from white to almost black. The Calla looks very architectural and art nouveau in the form. This single funnel-shaped flower is born to each stem. A dramatic fall wedding flowers, leave them alone, if used, only a few stems of Calla is quite a statement. Mini Callas work well with other flowers to make a contrast in form. Large Callas are ideal for large arrangements.

Some flower shop also uses tropical flowers or flowers that are available throughout the year to add more color to the wedding package. Vanda orchids and cattleya orchids have vivid earth tones compliment the color of the season. If you make a personal statement with unique floral arrangements to consult with a professional florist who fall wedding flowers you choose can support up to perfection.

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