Exotic Wooden Garden Furniture For Your Backyard

While, teak, oak and walnut are great options as wooden garden furniture for your backyard, you will be pleased to know that there are a number of other species of wood that are available out there which are exotic, equally strong, gorgeous looking and will last for generations.

South America, India, Southeast Asia and Europe consist of abundant quantities of exotic wood species that are unique to these regions and are known for their robust and durable nature.

A large number of ornamental Outdoor Garden Furniture comes from Southeast Asia, especially from the Philippines. The most popular ones are known as the Kamagong and the Narra, approximately translated as Rustic or Root outdoor furniture.

The Kamagong

This material is an extremely hard form of wood and considered to be the strongest of its kind. Believed to be imperishable, this material was commonly used to make hunting material and weapons like spears, and handles for knives and swords.

With its depleting supply, it is considered among the rarest hardwoods in the world.

The Narra

This tree is considered to be the national tree of Philippines, and consists of a gorgeous and elegant deep red wood grain finish. This tropical material is an extremely popular choice of Wooden Garden Furniture in the Philippines because of its ability to tolerate extreme weather elements.

Rated as one of the sturdiest hardwood materials in the world outdoor garden furniture made out of Narra is exported to all parts of the globe. In addition to being used to make furniture, the interlocked wavy grains make it a preferred material of choice for high-end flooring as well as wall panels.

This material is extremely resistant to termites and wood borers and make for an extremely elegant as well as functional choice of wood.

These pieces are quite expensive, but furniture made out of these elegant and exotic materials can truly take the aesthetics of your backyard to the next level. If combined with the right accessories such as Garden Parasols and some interesting botanical elements, your backyard is sure to become the object of your neighbours envy.