Essential Guide To Bamboo Fountain Construction

Having a bamboo fountain provides a certain magical ambiance to your home garden. These unique types of fountains were first developed in Japan where they were used to chase deer away from the fields of rice paddies. The name “deer chasers” was coined and is still used as another name for the bamboo fountain.

The bamboo fountain found another use with the monks who used them to measure their meditation times. With more people aware of the environment, the bamboo fountain is garnering more notice since it is made of environmentally friendly material. This point does not detract from the fountain’s clear aesthetic charm. Another perk is that the bamboo fountain is flexible enough to use indoors as well as outside.

Creating a bamboo fountain does not require more than a few basic items. You will need bamboo, tubing, a pump, a base, rod, screws, and container. When the bamboo fountain is for outdoor use, you might think about the quality of the bamboo since lower quality bamboo may deteriorate under certain weather conditions. When the bamboo fountain will be used inside, you may want to make it more attractive by polishing the surface. You will also need a screwdriver, wood saw, and a drill to make your bamboo fountain.

The first step after you have all the components for your bamboo fountain is to cut the bamboo sticks to required lengths. You will need three big bamboo sticks. A stick will hold the nozzle while two other will hold the moving piece on the bamboo fountain. The moving part of the bamboo fountain will gather and remove water once the water collected increases to certain level. All three bamboo pieces will need to have holes drilled through the centers. These holes will accommodate the rod that allows the fountain to pivot.

Your pipe will be ran through the middle of the bamboo stick to the pump. The top of the pipe is fitted with a bamboo nozzle. Everything should then be mounted onto a base. Your bamboo fountain is properly constructed when water coming out of the nozzle falls inside the part of the fountain in motion.

If you’ve read this and realize you don’t want to create a bamboo fountain this way, you can always buy an easy-to-install kit at a home and garden center.

Lastly, you may want to know how to maintain a bamboo fountain. Maintenance focuses on two areas. The first area is water pump care. You need to have the water pump below the surface of your retaining pool when running. It must be cleaned on a regular basis. The second aspect of bamboo fountain care is scheduled water replacement. If your bamboo fountain is on all the time, you won’t have to change it as often but it is still good to keep on a schedule to avoid smell, stagnant water.