Energy-Efficient Garden Lighting Ideas for the Holidays

This early, you should be getting on with your Christmas wish list. In fact you should be halfway through it. One of the items you don’t want to miss is your Christmas decor, if you don’t have them yet. Now might be a good time to bring them out of storage and freshen them up. Vacuum the artificial tree, fluff out the tinsel, wash off the dust from the decor and check that all the lights are functioning.

This year could be a good year to have a really green Christmas theme. So keep all your traditional electric lights and sneak a peek at all your solar alternatives on the internet.

Rope lights

Because LED lights are easier to incorporate into their bulbs, you have a much wider choice of shapes in Christmas rope lights. Although the traditional pointed or round Christmas bulbs are still prevalent, even in LED lights, there are also pixie lights which are shaped like stars, floral lights that resemble delicate flowers, butterfly rope lights that you can wind around and charm your Christmas tree with.

Tube lights

You have seen these on display windows during Christmas. They are tiny tubes which have been shaped into Christmas motifs. One of the most popular tube lights are reindeer lights. You may also have Christmas star tube lights. It is entirely possible to have your own lights customized and have an entire Christmas tree, perhaps, made out of tubes. What makes these tube lights so enchanting is the fact that they can be fitted with flickering LED lights in many colors and intensities. You can have mood lights together with pin lights all rolled into one tube. The effect is mesmerizing on a cold December evening.

Christmas solar figurines

Perfect sentinels for your outdoor Christmas evening party will be these polyresin Christmas figurines. You also have a wide assortment of them available on the internet; Christmas dwarves and snowmen holding aloft sparkling Christmas lanterns. You also have dolls and reindeer all dressed up for a Christmas parade on your front lawn. You don’t need to interconnect them with wires too.

Brilliant covers for your old solar lights

If you happen to have strings of solar lights from last year, you can have them looking new, different and special by getting Christmas covers for them. These come in many colors too. They complement the colors and intensify the brightness of your LED rope lights.

Christmas trees, ribbons and wreaths

In fact, with all the possibilities offered by solar technology, you can have your entire Christmas tree; branches, leaves, balls, ribbon bows, wreaths and all made out of LED bulbs. Of course, this type of tree would need to be kept out of reach of the little kids. So you can showcase it on an elevated platform in your home, if it is spacious enough.

Solar net lights

The name says it all. These lights are a bejeweled net of twinkling solar stars that you can drape your shrubbery or hang on the limbs of trees. This provides you with a really convenient way to add a touch of Christmas to your garden. You can purchase a number of these nets and put up a canopy of Christmas stars over the outdoor Christmas party area.

As you can see, if you go really green on your Christmas decor this Christmas, you can have the time of your life showing everyone how happy you are that it’s Christmas time, and save on your power bills too.

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