Easy Tips On Folding Paper Flowers

Making paper flower in order to decorate your party or wedding is an inexpensive and also the fun project to do with your friends. In doing this, you need to be creative with many colors that you will use, the size that you will cut and also the folds that you make. Any flower can be different like the real thing. Here is information for you.

For the first step, you should lay our about 5 to 8 pieces of the tissue paper on the top of each other. A number of sheets that you use can determine how full of your flower will be. After that, you can cut 6 inch of squares trough all the layers of your tissue paper. You can cut bigger or even smaller squares that depend on the size that you wish for your flowers.

For the second step, you need to fold one edge of a square back about 1 inch, crease. Then, flip the sheets of the tissue paper over again and also fold the similar edge back 1 inch until you have folded all your paper into the accordion. After that, fold the strip of paper in half.

For the next step, you have to attach the florist wire to the folded strip of your paper. About 1 inch from a folded edge of your paper twists the wire around your paper.

For the last step you can trim the top of your paper into the scalloped edge of the pointed spikes. And then, spread opens the top of your paper in order to create the flowers. You can continue pulling open until you must look you want.