Easter Decor And Flower Gift Ideas

Easter is a Christian celebration, celebrated with chocolate eggs, Easter decor and flower gifts. Despite the religious connotations, the festival is celebrated around the globe as a time for friends and family and has themes of new beginnings, symbolised by the eggs and bright flowers associated with Easter. The Easter bunny and egg concept comes from the pagan festivals relating to Spring and coincide with the Christian and Jewish festivals. The egg and rabbit themes symbolise fertility.

Easter decor is fun, colourful, engaging and invites a happy and bright feeling to any interior. Flowers and other creative items make for wonderful Easter gifts. The following are decor ideas which are easy to create and extremely effective decorations for the home.

An Easter Basket
A basket with African violets is a striking Easter decoration as the pink and purple hues are reminiscent of the autumn season in South Africa. When Easter is over, the flowers can be removed from the basket and placed elsewhere as decoration because they last for months.

To make this arrangement, take a medium to large basket and place small pots of African violets inside it until it is full and gaps are disguised by the flowers. Lay some small chocolate eggs wrapped in coloured foil amidst the blooms and wrap a pink ribbon around the basket and wind it around the handle. Do not over-water the African violets; keep them in filtered light and away from cold draughts.

Easter Egg Tree
At Easter, a small tree with hanging eggs and other decorations makes a warm addition to any interior and is a tradition practised widely in Germany and Austria. To make an Easter tree, simply cut a small section of branch from a tree (make sure that it is approximately one meter in length and that it has smaller branches to hang decorations from). Place floral foam into a vase or other large container and secure the branch in the foam to stand upright with branches extending away.

To make eggs to hang from the tree, take a raw egg and clean it with white-spirit vinegar. Paint the egg with craft paints or leave them to dye in a solution of three cups of boiled water, 25ml of white vinegar and drops of food colouring, giving the egg a pastel shade. Use a strong glue to secure a brightly coloured ribbon to the egg, creating a loop to hang over one of the tree branches. Make as many eggs as needed and hang them at even intervals from the tree. A nice addition to the arrangement is to tie a brightly coloured ribbon around the container securing the branch. Once the tree is taken down after Easter, throw the eggs away.

Pastel coloured decorations, chocolate eggs and Easter-Bunny soft-toys are effective additions to the basket or tree arrangement. These are symbolic of the pagan roots of spring and fertility and can make any Easter decor idea look attractive and festive.

Easter decor is an easy and effective way of brightening ones home interior during Easter and the onset of autumn. Easter decor and flower gift ideas are an original and unusual way of celebrating Easter that are cost effective and even more meaningful than purchased gifts.