Duthie Park And Garden Where Beauty Bounds

Set amidst the banks of the River Dee the Duthie Park in Aberdeen, Scotland is a popular tourist attraction in the city.
The story goes that the park was donated to the City of Aberdeen in the year 1880, by Lady Elizabeth Duthie, whose wish was to establish a memorial for her brother and uncle in the form of a park. This public park stretches across 40 odd acres of land and comprises of many gardens such as the Japanese Garden, the Winter Garden which has tropical houses that support the growing environment for various species of cacti.
The Duthie Park and Garden now occupies the space where Sycamore Place used to be. The design of the park was carried out under the skilful hands of architect Mr. W. McKelvie. A highlight of the park is the oak wheelbarrow and silver spade which was used to cut the first turf of the park which remains on display.

Opened formally in 1883, the David Welch Winter Garden is a popular crowd puller to the site. The gardens are considered as the third most frequented Scotland garden. The garden is named after David Welch who was once the parks director, who passed a way in 2001 and so a memorial courtyard was established in his honour. In addition the name of the gardens was also changed.

The Winter Garden is also a popular choice among couples to hold weddings while the garden provides many beautiful backdrops to capture those special moments. The garden features South American plant varieties including Gingers, Orchids and Bromeliads. The garden also promotes home gardens as well and sells plants at the Fern House which offers little gifts for those looking to take back souvenirs of their visit to the gardens.

Also in the Winter Garden is what the staff calls the Temperate House which houses plants from countries like South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Mediterranean. The plants range from Eucalyptus, Acacia, Olive, Protea and many others.

Apart from the Winter Garden the Japanese Garden is like an oasis of calm and quiet. First opened in 1987 to pay tribute to the devastations in Hiroshima on the 40th anniversary of the event, the garden is laid out by landscape artist Takshi Sawano.
Another attraction at the park is the roses that are in excess of a 100,000 that are displayed on a flagpole mound called the Rose Mountain. The display of roses is virtually out of this world, and adding to the picturesque scene are the daffodils and crocus plants.
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