Difficult to be in the florist flower island

Every Sunday , Marie -Alice Azerot left Sainte- Marie at 3:00 am to set up and sell flowers on the sidewalk in front of the Asylum market in Fort -de- France . Born in Sainte- Marie , she is selling flowers for thirty years. The majority of the flowers she sells are its gardens. She also works with wholesalers who bring flowers including Colombia. She is Mary -Alice Azerot . Her favorite flowers are the alpinias , anthuriums , heliconias the … When she is not in the vicinity of markets – Fort -de- France on Sunday Lamentin Saturday – she makes home deliveries or provides some churches Martinique. In recent years, the market of flowers began to flower arrangements. She explains: “Before I was selling in the markets , but I prefer to stay outside . Because there is more space . Things were easier . Now , we need to modernize the needs of clients who always wants more . ” This seller is well organized. It has set up two tables and an umbrella . She scissors to cut the stems , plastic for packing flowers and other decorative accessories for bouquets. She passionately loves his job but was unable to convince his children to follow his path . “In this industry , you must have the courage and good health. Everything is difficult today , “she said. SEVERE COMPETITION Eldest of a family of eleven children, she worked hard to ” get in life,” as she says. She does not hide his happiness to us being in the nature, in the gardens that she loves . However, it is unfortunate this observation: “When Mother’s Day, All Saints , Christmas , the New Year’s Day approaching, everyone becomes florist . Competition is severe. These occasional give serious backhand to the profession. And yet , in the markets of fruits and vegetables, we are a well-knit family ” Marie -Alice Azerot continues to explain to customers who have become friends over the years , that “we are on an island. The Martinique will not advance , because we are too selfish , we need more solidarity. ” Our market remembers the good old days when it began selling flowers in 1983 in the town of Lamentin . Year ‘s turnover increased year. Today, this is no longer the case , she said : “With the new practice to cremate our dead , campaigns against the mosquito in cemeteries and the influx of artificial flowers from Asia, sale of natural flowers is seriously declining. And say that we continue to repeat without looking around us that we are an island of flowers?