Creative Ideas For Church Wedding Flowers Using Decorative Pew End Markers

As the bridal party makes their way down the aisle the sweet fragrance of the wedding flowers fills the air and sets the stage for what is to come. Flowers on the pew ends, with church wedding flowers, or attached to a chair, for an outdoor wedding, not only add beauty and function to designated seating they can also evoke favorite memories from the family members and offer calming thoughts as they anxiously await the ceremony.

Such precious memories may be something as simple as a mother remembering the first flower her daughter gave her as a child or memories of the two of them sharing the same favorite flower. It may be the familiar fragrance that acts as aromatherapy and soothes the soul or just being surrounded by beautiful flowers marking the special occasion.

Pew ends provide a wonderful space to add drama and excitement. There are so many choices and styles and they are surprisingly easy to make. I’d like to share some ideas on my favorite designs to add a special touch to pew ends. I’ll include church wedding ideas as well as some outdoor ideas.

One of my favorite applications is to place a small arrangement on each pew and connect them with a floral garland between the pews. They don’t have to be very big arrangements to make a statement, but you can of course make them as big as you like.

The garlands can be removed on one side for seating and allowed to hang down from the center arrangement. They look especially good when matched with a halo for the flower girl. This type of pew marker also works well for outdoor seating. In a less formal setting, the bridal family could be seated from the outside row so the garland would not have to be removed.

Floral garlands can be made from any type of greenery. Boxwood, ming fern, ivy, and rosemary are good choices. Small flowers can be wired into the greenery or it can be left as it is. The pew markers can be arranged in a style that compliments the bridal bouquet.

Winter weddings offer an opportunity to transform the venue into a winter wonderland. Curly willow or any other type of twig can be grouped together and used as pew ends, centerpieces, wreaths, door arrangements, etc.

The twigs can be spray painted white or flocked. Glitter or tiny battery operated rice lights can be woven through the branches. Trees can be cut and potted in plaster of paris to match the pew ends.
Tiny trees can be made from the twigs and used as table top decorations.

Fall pew ends look good with maple leaves and any type of autumn flower. Maple leaves can be scattered on table tops for the reception with candles to continue the theme. Acorns are great additions as they have long been used as a symbol of strength and fertility.

Pew ends for a beach or tropical wedding could include sea shells with orchids, anthurium, bird of paradise or ginger flowers. A garland of tropical flowers made from a Hawaiian lei would make a beautiful pew marker.

If you prefer a very tall pew marker, candle holders or topiaries can be used. Keep in mind, though, that a large pew end can make it difficult to seat the guests and may obstruct the view of the front of the church. They do work well for outdoor events especially if the area is an open space.

My preferred method is to use a small satin ribbon to attach the pew arrangements. Not only do they look better than a plastic one, but they prevent scratching the expensive church furniture. If that is not an option such as in using a bundle of twigs, a strip of soft cloth can be wrapped around the pew with a piece of tape over the cloth to hold the twigs. Ribbon can then be used to cover the cloth and tape.

Turn your church wedding flowers into something elegant and spectacular by making good use of church pew ends.