Create A Cascading Silk Flower Arrangements

Silk bouquets, especially silk flower wedding bouquets can be created days or even weeks before the ceremony. There is no lacking of choices in the colors or the type of flowers and of course the shape and design. Among the really popular designs that brides prefer is the cascading silk bouquets. As with anything important, cascading wedding bouquets need careful attention, some hard work and persistence to ensure the bouquet looks absolutely gorgeous as it tumbles down the front of the bride on her special day.

To create a cascading bouquet you need a hand held bouquet holder that has a Styrofoam insert, some mass blossoms like carnations, a number of line flowers like delphinium, a few stems of small blossoms like rose buds, a wire cutter, floral tape, 3 yards of ribbon and an empty container or vase. Of course, you can choose other flowers but stay with the general form of flower to ensure a great cascading bouquet.

Prepare a rather wide working area, making sure its clean. Divide the blossoms based on their type and color. Set them aside to one side of your working space. Next is to get the empty container and put it in the center of the work area. Then position the bouquet holder in the vase so that both of your hands are free to get the job done efficiently. Trim five of the mass blossoms until the stems around 4 inches. Position the main mass blossom in the middle of the foam. Proceed to position the rest of the mass blossoms in different angles from the top going to the base of the holder, making sure it looks well balanced. Continue to fill out the foam with the blossoms in varying measurements. Make sure there is an empty and open area at the base of the holder for the cascade piece. If you like, you can include some rhinestone spray bits.

For the cascade part, place a single 8 inch line blossom at the base of the foam in the back center. Prepare an ivy vine approximately 15 inches long. Get a wire and cut it into numerous pieces, all 5 inches long. Take the small blossoms, like the rose buds, and cut the stem into half an inch length. Tape each blossom to the piece of cut wire. Proceed to tape the small blossoms on the wire to the ivy vine and adorn with some pearl sprays or rhinestone. Place the cascade part in the base of the floral foam at the center part. You can then place a wired ribbon on the body of the bouquet to complete the silk cascading wedding bouquet.

Check that the form and shape is as you desire by looking at it in front of the mirror. You can then see all the angles of your gorgeous bouquet.