Commonly Found Problems With Flower Delivery

Often customers face problems in receiving their orders at the right delivery address. There are many reasons for why the flower orders are not reaching the destination.

Lets analyse them briefly:

The Delivery Date:

Often the gifts are delivered for a particular event. Its not the date but the day that matters while you reserve your gift for dear ones online.

Florists especially online florists are hardly working on weekends as well as on bank holidays. So before you select your date for the delivery make sure you check the day. It is advisable to make the order as early as possible if the day you prefer is Saturday or Sunday, this will help the florist understand that your order is on weekends and they may have time to make arrangements for the flower delivery to be on the right time.
Also please check the Terms and Conditions of the website before you select the delivery date.


This is very important. If the address part is not entered correctly you have 99% delivery failure. There are many problems noticed while entering the address

1. Street Name

The street name usually contains a number, most of the time either the number is given wrong or the given postal code produces two different street names in different areas which really confuses the courier person.

Another common error is numbers getting replaced with alphabets for example, ‘0’ = zero with capital ‘O’ , ‘1’ = one with letter ‘l’ etc.
Often the courier service people use software for generating the address fields. when the postal code is entered wrong all the fields are missplaced and complicates the system.

But, you will get easy tips to use the postal codes online. Most of the software generates the right address fields for the given postal code. This is very handy.

2. Check for the time of delivery

This gains importance only if your delivery is urgent, booking your order at the last moment may cause problems.

Florists often follow a system for delivery. The courier people pick their order in every one hour during peak times to every 4 hours on non-seasonal periods.

So if your order is urgent and needs extra attention please make sure to contact the florist over phone or online chat or an email to the customer service. This will make your delivery successful.