Common Mistakes Rookies Make No Matter What Wow Level Zone

No one who plays World of Warcraft for the first time makes great decisions when it comes to strategy. But fortunately, it is a game you are able to perfect with constant practice. Of course, theres no denying that it would be better if you could actually make some good moves early on with your original character and bring it all the way to the end. It would be a waste of time to keep on starting over because of early errors in judgment. To assist you with this goal, here are some of the common rookie mistakes that noobs make regardless of the faction or WoW level zone.

a. Not getting a hero. Heroes are the ones with the most abilities. And they learn skills faster. Much of the responsibility of winning or losing battles (as a group) is left on their hands. Examples of hero classes are the Death Knight, Paladin, Bard, Necromancer, Monk and Runemaster. In relation, newbies also miss out on leveling up hero characters before engaging in any combat with enemy players. WoW level zones offer a lot of creeps for target practice. So make sure to take advantage. Dont be surprised though if your character is very ineffective at first because such classes are naturally weak in early stages. To level up, they must join a group of 3 to 5 other players. Going solo is an option but you are more likely to die before getting to level 5 with hordes of high level creatures attacking you at random.

b. Not using hero skill points. Sure, the idea of saving up whatever you earn when playing sounds more appealing. But for hero skill points, you should endeavor to make use of them as soon as you get them so you get a better chance at surviving the game. Very rarely does delay pay off when it comes to this reward.

c. Attacking creature camps. As mentioned earlier, there might be creatures within your realm that are too powerful to fight off. So you have to be careful about your attack plans. It is essential that you know how powerful a creep is before you engage it so you can strategize your methods. You could research beforehand or ask other players in the game which to fight and what to do. Or you could scout, engage, learn the capacity of the creep and then have reinforcement back you up after you regroup. Let your hero character play a less active role in the confrontation because it would be so shameful to have them die in the hands of monster, even if it is a level 9.

d. Not planning an escape route. Its always good to think about what you are going to do if things dont turn out the way you planned them during a fight. Buy a Scroll of Town Portal to escape during dire situations.

e. Putting your self at a disadvantage. Sometimes novices get too excited about going up against creatures that they forget to think about the environment in which they put their selves in. No matter what WoW level zone you are in, avoid fighting in enemies near their guard towers or their Fountain of Life. And always make sure you are on higher ground and have the bigger space.