Choosing The Right Colors And Theme For Your Summer Wedding

Picking your wedding colors and theme can be tricky almost every other decision depends upon this one. After choosing your wedding colors, you will be able to find bridesmaids dresses, wedding candles, bridal jewelry and the perfect little wedding favor boxes or wedding candle favors. Dont let the decision about your wedding colors weigh you down or keep you awake at night. We know you want to be unique but not outrageous, so we assembled some of the best tips to help you find the fabulous wedding colors you want.

Lets start with a quick vocabulary lesson there are a few terms you need to know before you start color searching.

Monochromatic Choosing this color scheme will mean you use different shades of the same color. If purple is what you want for a base color, you will use lavenders, mulberrys, and violets throughout the ceremony and reception. These colors are found next to each other on the color wheel.

Contrast Contrasting colors are found on opposite sides of the color wheel. Sticking with the purple example, yellow is your contrasting color.

Triad These colors are equidistant from each other on the color wheel. This means they form a triangle on the wheel. If your first color is purple, yellow and fuchsia would complete the triad. In this example, purple would be your base wedding color and the other two would be used less so they can complement the purple base color.

Tetrad In this color scheme, the four colors are equally spaced on the color wheel. Picking purple as the primary color, your complementary colors would be red, yellow and green. For example, your bouquet can feature purple flowers with red and yellow accent flowers and greenery.

Analogic This option has three colors side by side on the color wheel. If purple is your primary wedding color, then yellow is your contrast. With an analogic color scheme, you would use sun yellow, pale yellow and goldenrod yellow as your accent colors.

Now that youre familiar with the vocabulary, its time to find inspiration. Visit your florist to see what will be available at the time you plan to get married. This will help you narrow down to the colors readily available to you. Remember, not all colors in your scheme need to be used in all items and aspects in your wedding.

To help get your inspirational juices flowing, here are a few themes and color schemes we like!

Relaxing by the Poolside: A day by the pool is the quintessential summer experience. This can be mirrored by combining turquoise and white, blue and white, yellow and blue or different shades of blue.

Summer Citrus Dreams: Nothing says summer like the colors of rich, ripe citrus fruit! Bring together orange and red, hot pink and green or shades of yellow for a great summery feel.

Dusky Summer Sunset: We all love watching the sky light up as the sun sets in the summer. Reflect that beauty in your wedding with yellow, orange and red; pink and orange; dusky gray and sky blue; or sandy colors with pink and orange.

Get Green: Make your wedding as green as the summer foliage by pairing the color green with bright pink, yellow or purple. Also, consider a pale green with lavender, pink or white.

Pleasant Pastels: The chance to shed the dark colors of winter and don bright and sunny pastels is one of the best parts of summer! Dress your wedding in pale yellow and white, lavender and pale blue, rose and cream, sage and lilac or pale coral and mocha brown.

Rainbow Beauty: After a summer rain, a bright rainbow in the sky brings a smile to everyones face. Make your wedding stand out with a variety of colors, including bright pink, yellow, orange and green or aqua, lime and yellow.

Natural Neutrals: Going back to basics is a classy and fabulous choice! Your wedding party will look clean and put together in white and silver, khaki and white or beige and cream.