Choosing Silk Flower Arrangements By Color

Choosing the right silk flower arrangements can be difficult if you don’t know where to star to look. Silk flower arrangements come in various colors, shapes, sizes and styles. You can find the perfect silk flower arrangements if you focus on what you need to decorate your home. Picking the right arrangements will be much easier if you put your needs before what grabs your attention when searching online.

Different colors have different uses around the home. Choosing silk flower arrangements by color can be difficult because most arrangements have different color schemes. Many designers pick colors according to a color wheel which has different options you can pick:


This color style uses a variation of the same color. For example, a collection composed of red, dark reds, and pinks. Using monochromatic styles of silk flower arrangements is perfect if you are looking for a clean, elegant and balanced style for your dcor. Monochromatic color patterns are also a great choice for seasonal decorating since all the colors will blend together.


This color pattern uses related color schemes and their shades next to each other. This pattern creates richer silk flower arrangements with slightly more variety than monochromatic styles. Reds are grouped with purples, yellows with oranges, and blues with greens. Analogous arrangements are great for summer decorating.


The complementary color schemes will use colors that contrast in a warm and cool manner. These colors are opposite one another on the color wheel. Red is the compliment of green, yellow is the complement of purple and orange is the complement of blue. This color scheme intensifies colors while softening and creating harmony. These silk flower arrangements exhibit colors in nature and provide a lot of character.


The triadic color scheme uses three colors equally spaced around the color wheel for a rich, vibrant look. Triadic silk flower arrangements tend to be the most interesting however they can be difficult to assemble. Each color hue can fight for attention so it takes a skillful designer to put them together in a pleasing, balanced manner. Tints and shades of colors can soften the harshness of unrelated colors.

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