Choosing Flowers For Window Boxes 101

Window boxes are basically designed to beautify our homes. Having these well structured boxes installed, we need to choose the best plants or flowers that would compliment it. But do we know how to choose flowers to highlight the decorative window boxes that we have installed on our window sills?

Here are some tips that I learned not only from the experts but from the people I know who have window boxes installed in their homes. I have gathered all their thoughts and came up with some these great tips and ideas on how to grow flowering plants in our window boxes.

Exposure to Sunlight

If exposed to sunlight, plants grow well. However, there are flowers that can naturally thrive in shaded places like Begonias and Hydrangeas. These two are vulnerable to too much exposure to sunlight yet they are still perfect to place on decorative window boxes because of their blissful appearances. Unlike most plants, Begonias and Hydrangeas can be grown on areas that receive less sunlight. They are ideal to compliment your window boxes without worrying about sun exposure. The bottom line – choosing the flower to grow greatly depends on thelocation of your window box (if it’s directly under sun or receives less sunlight).


We should also consider the different seasons when growing flowers. There are flowers that grow well in spring and summer and there are also some that prosper well during autumn and winter. Better know what plants to have during the different seasons as not to have them die when the time comes. For spring and summer, we can have Evergreen, Hydrangea, Anthurium, Begonias and others. For winter and autumn, we can grow Primulas, Capsicum, Solanum and we can still have Begonias. If you would prefer not to replant your decorative window boxes every season, there are several good perennial plants for window boxes including Violas, hardy geraniums, or miniature roses. Another option is planting annuals which allow you to grow different flowers each year. Some good annuals to use are petunias, nasturtiums, marigolds, impatiens, and snapdragons. If you want to add color every winter, you can try planting pansies and flowering kale.


To make the most out of our decorative window boxes, we need to have more volume of flowers. We can try Campanula, Kalanchoe and others that are producing abundant flowers. It is also important to look for large quantity of colors and flowers; you’ll have lots of bright petals to enjoy all season.
It would be inspiring to see such great creation in our homes. The moment we arrive and exhausted from our daily activities, our window garden would be our source of relaxant. We should not deprive ourselves from having a garden at home whether outdoor or indoors. A small box with plenty of flowering plants would make a big difference.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your mini flower box garden that would drive your exhaustion away.