Choose a good florist for your wedding flowers

The success of your wedding flower arrangements and decorations depends on your florist’s attention to detail, sense of style, flair, expertise, and the connection that the two of you achieve. Don’t assume that because a particular florist is highly respected you will get the wedding flower arrangement of your dreams. If there is no meeting of your minds, if you don’t feel like they are grasping what you are trying to communicate about your wedding flowers, theme, or both, keep looking. In most cases your wedding flowers will be more to your liking with your second choice that fully understands the theme and mood you are trying to set than with the reputed best florist in the city who isn’t listening or just isn’t managing to understand what you want from your wedding flowers.

The time of year needs to be considered also as real flowers obviously only bloom at certain times of the year although with imports some of this can be addressed. The color also needs to be considered so that the types of flowers we choose blends with the wedding dress and bridesmaids outfits.

If it is a spring wedding there are many types of flowers that we can choose from, tulips come in many colors and form, daffodils always look so cheerful and sunny especially as table decorations. Roses are especially delightful as they come in so many colors and you have the added bonus of beautiful scent.

Another option for the types of flowers that you use could be silk flowers which are so realistic that you can not tell the difference from the real ones, these come in all sizes, shapes and colors although obviously no scent.

A good florist won’t tell you that they can deliver all kind of flowers all the year round. In Copenhagen, flower delivery to weddings are very common.

If you are using a florist to set up your wedding flower arrangements be sure that they aren’t rushed and overbooked. Unless they have a huge staff they should not have more than one or two weddings booked for a particular day. I prefer getting friends and family involved, personally.

Again, if you are using a florist make sure that you have a detailed contract that outlines the details of what you have agreed to and discussed including pricing, timing, types of flowers and anything else that you deem to be important. You must be specific about colors, sizes, numbers, etc. Do not just leave it up to the florist, they will do the least they can get by with if you don’t spell it out ahead of time and get it in writing.