Chocolate Fondue Fountain – Buyer’s Guide – 10 Tips When Buying A Home Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Only a short while ago chocolate fondue fountains were expensive and striking luxury items for classy restuarants, commercial caterers and event planners. The products found on the market were strictly commercial items, costing quite considerable sums. These days however, buying a quality chocolate fondue fountain for your home is a realistic prospect: you can buy one of the many home product lines. They are affordable and the choice is broad. Keep these 10 tips in mind when setting out to buy your home chocolate fondue fountain.

1. You get what you pay for and the cheaper chocolate fondue fountains often have significant drawbacks to them (outlined below).

2. If you are searching the internet, be aware that the term ‘chocolate fondue fountain’ is synonymous with ‘chocolate fountain’ and more recently ‘fondue fountain’.

3. Good home machines can be used for a range of substances, not just for chocolate. A number of quality home chocolate fondue fountains will also cascade sauces, salad dressing and even caramel. What this means is that, if you spend a little bit more, you should be able to get a machine for all types of parties and social occasions. Before you buy, think about what occasions you would like to use the machine for and then start looking around for a product to meet your needs.

4. You’ll know you are looking at a high quality chocolate fondue fountain if its operation is quiet. This is the big give-away. A noisy machine is a real annoyance, completely nullifying the striking visual impact of the chocolate fondue fountain at your social occasion. Listen to a few cheaper models and you will know what I mean. Quality machines will say something like ‘virtually silent’ or ‘whisper quiet’ and they will live up to the description. If in doubt, go to a shop, have them plug it in so you can listen.

5. Go for stainless steel, it’s hard-wearing and looks good.

6. Your chocolate fondue fountain should have variable temperature settings to allow you flexible and precise temperature control. This is will allow you to use a variety of hot and cold fondues, as mentioned at tip 3.

7. The chocolate fondue fountain should be easy to assemble/disassemble, and should have a removable basin/bowl.

8. The parts should be dishwasher safe and easy clean. Cheaper models often aren’t.

9. The pump should be an auger-style pump – for a smooth delivery and flow. Again, cheaper models may not be. Note: some machines use a screw mechanism, not a pump. If you opt for one of these, go for quality and keep my other tips in mind all the same.

10. If the chocolate fondue fountain is not level, the flow will be uneven, and the machine unsteady, which may cause an unsightly fountain wobble. A chocolate fondue fountain tickles your sense of sight as much as it does your sense of taste, so get one with adjustable feet, or some other mechanism for keeping the product level. Again, quality models will have this feature – so make sure you look out for it. You should expect a 1-year warranty.