Chinese Water Element Characteristics

The Water element in Chinese is called Shui and it is one of the most important element to Feng Shui. The name Feng Shui itself has a meaning of wind (Feng) and water (Shui). This element is essential for living and in Chinese astrology, it is considered as cleansing agent. Water symbolizes emotions and it can be quiet or violent.

Those who born in the years influenced by the Water element are calm, philosophical, creative and intellectual. They like to take up multiple professions. Instinctive and diplomatic, they like to keep secrets to themselves only. They possess spiritual powers and strong intuitions. These individuals are highly emotional and fluent. Water element people are normally good communicators and these people have the ability to influence others.

They have certain magnetic touch in their communication which enables the Water people to easily get someones affection and confidence. They are really good with subtle persuasion. Water people can effortlessly make others follow them almost anywhere without being irritating or aggressive. They have special ability to make people feel special and can utilize people effectively to obtain what they want.

People belong to this element are flexible and calm. Those qualities can make them attractive and also vulnerable to pessimism. The blue and black colors represent the Water element. This Water element is also represented by any uneven or wavy shape. Fountains, tinkling bells, aquariums, all of them symbolize the element of Water. Be careful as not to have too much Water element as it can make you become sly, cunning and often plot dark schemes.