Buying Watercolor Flower Paintings And Oil Flower Paintings On The Web

I recently bought a watercolor flower painting by a painter named Y. Gianni. The painting was produced in 1890 and depicted an Italian village. It has been very vivid and satisfying to look at.

I was trying to find just the right watercolor flower painting for any client when I discovered one by an artist called William W. Gillette. The colours were light, which range from gentle greens, browns, blues, purples as well as mango. The picture was that of a pebble seaside as well as crashing waves. The hills on one side offered the beach a feeling of privacy. It truly talked to me and my customer loved it.

There was a log cabin that I was decorating for a critical customer which needed one more piece of art to complete the look I was going for. I found an excellent watercolor flower painting that fit perfect. It had a large amount of mossy green colors and there appeared to be a lake with a lake house. The artist turned out to be Charles Wader. He is really a well known artist from New York.

I have a client which collects art through Romeo Tabuna. I was fortunate to locate two watercolors that the proprietors had purchased from Tabuna in the fifties when they resided within San Miguel. The owner settled with me for an even thousand dollars. My customer was delighted.

A lawyer friend hired me to redesign their office. I had a lot of fun investing in things that reflected their interests as well as preferences. He loves polo and I found a wonderful watercolor flower painting of 2 polo players on horses. My friend liked the paintings and the’ve become a conversation piece in the new workplace.

My personal friends dad liked the office We decorated so much that he commissioned me personally to redecorate his workplace. He is a hunter and that i found a really good watercolor flower painting of countless mallard ducks flying above the marsh. The painting was done through Jim Killen and he has painted for Ducks Unlimited. His jobs are popular as well as highly regarded. My friends father really loved the find and proudly hung it in his reception area.

I was truly unsure where I was likely to discover suitable artwork for that program directors office in a nearby radio station. When I went to visit along with him for a discussion, his workplace was completely stark. I like watercolor flower paintings and that’s my first option for purchasing art. I found an incredible watercolor flower painting associated with Frank Marley encompassed by sunflowers. It was awesome as well as ideal for this task.

There is a music performer that I had been working for a couple of years back that wanted their own studio decorated with paintings in the artist Raul Dufy. Raul Dufy made a whole number of paintings called Hommage to Mozart. I was able to purchase three watercolor flower paintings in this sequence. I have always been on the lookout for much more paintings to buy for this customer.

A friend of mine asked me to locate a watercolor painting to offer to her mom. I discovered 1 by Holly Parker which was associated with cattle in landscape. The frame was exactly what caught my attention at first since it is heavy gilt. It would never hang in my home, but it looked excellent inside my friends mothers home.