Build A Pent Garden Shed

Pent garden sheds and potting garden sheds can be found on gardens and allotments throughout the World. If you are considering making your own Pent Garden Shed or Apex Garden Shed, there are a number of factors that you should determine prior to going ahead.At the top of the list is to decide what form of garden shed do you want, a pent garden shed or an apex garden shed. Apex garden sheds are those designs where the roof comes to a point along the centre of the shed, while the pent garden shed has a roof that slopes from a high front to a lower back.

The Apex garden shed due to its high centre will have more headroom in the centre whilst the pent garden shed has more height at the front. On the pent garden sheds I have built, the windows are situated on the upper front of the shed which means that when you choose this design, it would be worthwhile to put your working materials on the front side and store your tools and any other equipment on the lower side. The next thing to do is to choose the materials with which you are going to build the shed. For the purpose of this article I am going to use a pent garden sheds design. Most materials used to build sheds are, in order of popularity; wood, metal & plastic.

Each has their advantages however, my preferred material is wood. The reason I choose wood is that it is readily available and it blends into the garden much better than metal or plastic materials.When deciding whether to employ a softwood or hardwood the simple answer is that softwood is much cheaper than hardwood. You must however try to find wood that has been painted as this will help protect the wood and although I suggest applying a coat of preservative upon completion, it is impossible to coat the pent gardens sheds floor underneath once it is constructed. In addition, if you use a wood that has been tantalised, a process by which preservative is forced into the wood as opposed to painting it on the wood; it will last for 20 years or more with no more than a coat of timber paint every couple of years.Another reason of employing wood is that you can colour it to match any garden design or garden furniture you have, enabling it to blend into your garden. As a result, this will enhance your garden so it looks more beautiful and natural. The species of wood to use are weather board and cladding types of wood as they are the most economical while at the same time offering a barrier from the inclement weather.To complete your pent garden sheds outer skin off you can incorporate tongue and groove planking to give a more beutiful finish to your shed. As the boards are arranged with the upper plank overlapping (this is where the term ‘overlap’ comes from), water is prevented from enteringmuch better than other designs.

To summarise, making your own pent garden sheds can be a long drawn out process. Although it is a good feeling to know you constructed your shed it saves little money. Buying a ready to assemble shed from a reputable supplier has the added bonus of a manufacturer’s warranty should the shed have any failings.