Bring The Outside In With Your Garden Room Conservatory

When it comes to summer, there’s nothing more relaxing and inviting than basking in the joy and beauty of nature. By incorporating various design ideas and techniques, your garden room or conservatory can ensure that you experience the pleasure of the outdoors directly from the comfort of your own home.

Natural Light
One of the best ways to bring the outside in this summer is by fitting your garden room or conservatory with as much natural light as possible. By incorporating skylights or large windows, your room is sure to soak in an ideal amount of sunshine and warmth and provide the perfect summer atmosphere.

Furniture & Furnishings
Another key component to bringing the outside indoors this summer is choosing the proper garden room or conservatory furniture. Sofas and chairs made from natural or woven materials like wicker or rattan are ideal for combining modern or traditional designs with organic materials.

Decorating with earth tones is another way to enjoy the charm of nature’s natural designs. Often, if a room has a large amount of natural light streaming in coupled with predominately white walls or furniture; the room can feel too bright. The use of several earth-toned pieces, such as a brown arm chair or leather sofa, work well to compliment a garden room and provide needed colour and warmth.

Accentuate the positive!
Accent pieces and patterns are also essential to any garden room or conservatory. Mixing floral prints with other solid pieces is a perfect way to bring the beauty and softness of nature indoors. An ideal location for some bright floral prints may include accent pillows or curtains. Soft pinks and greens tend to look best for a more peaceful look, though yellows and purples can often add that desired burst of summer color.

Indoor Plants
Of course one of the best ways to bring the outdoors inside this summer is by incorporating sustainable garden plants. Jungle and exotic plants also work well to add a lush and exotic feel to a room and are often quite practical. Aloe plants are ideal for garden rooms and conservatories because of their healing properties and sleek lines. Other plants to consider include tabletop herbs, Egyptian Papyrus and Wild Gardenias.

By incorporating these natural and stylish looks and choosing the best conservatory furniture, you can beautifully and effortlessly bring the outdoors in and enjoy a true summer feel throughout your home this season.