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Mule deer and cattle are also attracted to juniper foliage, but often only to certain individual trees. In fact, deer will raise themselves rather precariously on their hind legs to eat as much as possible of this “ice cream” foliage of certain junipers. Scientists have so far been unable to identify chemical differences in these trees, but the deer cannot be fooled. When caged deer were given branches from various juniper trees they ate only the ones from their “ice cream” trees.

Stephen F. Arno and Ramona P. Hammerly

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The tree flower essence is a way of recording the energy impression or memory of the trees. They are vibrational in nature.

Taking an essence is analogous to what happens listening to music. Music is not just arbitrary sound, but sound and silence arranged in a harmonious way and much more than that when it is played with a certain love, joy or intensity. Most of us have experienced how our moods change listening to music, a sunny tune and happiness arising. When you are open to it the most beautiful music leads us inwards to a place of resonance where we feel at home in ourselves. This coming home not only inspires us, but is the essence of healing as well.

Each tree has its unique song. As when you are with a tree, feeling connected, nourished in its presence, so when you ingest an essence you are in effect listening to the music of a tree.

The Rocky Mountain Juniper Vibrational Tree Essence made by Canadian Forest Tree Essences helps us to understand the cycle of our moods, to be patient and remain in balance. Moodiness, a tendency to lash out or be negative may be present. There may be issues around our mother, feelings of impurity or feelings of repulsion towards the body. Rocky Mountain Juniper nurtures a sense of sisterhood and an appreciation of all that is the feminine.

When is Rocky Mountain Juniper called for used as an essence. It can be used to strengthen our inner qualities such as appreciaiton of the feminine, intuition and balance or it may alternatively be used to address emotional issues or blocks. Vibrational essences work by raising our vibrational and helping us to free our energy and become more conscious. Rocky Mountain Jujniper Essence is called for when feelings such as self dislike, being overwhelmed and desperate, when feelings of impurity especially towards our body and the menstrual cycle are present, when we are subject to moodiness and negativity. We may feel impatient even bitchy. It is a very helpful essence when possessiveness is present, obsessions, attachments, love addictions. It helps when we are stuck in a destructive relationship to be able to release such entanglements.

On a positive level we will feel a release from these challenging patterns, we will appreciate ourselves more, more balanced in our moods, be able to better express our innate goodwill and caring and in general feel much more in synch.

Rocky Mountain Juniper(Juniperus scopulorum) is an evergreen shrub or tree growing to 40 feet in height found on sandy or dry soils but also in moist canyon bottoms from British Columbia and Alberta down through most western states except California. Rocky Mountain Juniper has an irregular shape, a somewhat twisted trunk and reddish brown shredded bark. The cone-like berry is quite delicious although a little bitter, but I could not resist munching on them as I sat amongst these sister trees on a hill looking out to the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains rising from the earth in the distance.

In herbalism, juniper has a wide range of uses. It is a noted diuretic and blood purifier. A beautifully odorful essential oil is produced from various parts of the tree. The berry from a European juniper is used to flavor gin, and in some cuisines is used to season meat and other dishes. Native peoples used the boughs of Rocky Mountain Juniper in sweat lodges and elsewhere for cleansing the air.

It was a lovely warm spring day and in the presence of these Rocky Mountain Junipers I felt a strong feminine spirit. The experience of preparing this essence was like being on a picnic. The words that describe the essential qualities of the tree seemed to come from the spirits around me, as though I were a stenographer taking down dictation.

There’s a soft, loving and gentle resonance felt in Rocky Mountain Juniper. A strong feeling of sisterhood is experienced and a rejoicing in the feminine. Sensitivity and understanding of feminine moods and cycles is enhanced, as is love of the female body and form. This is a beautiful essence for women to affirm and celebrate their womanhood. For men it nourishes their feminine side and they may feel a natural growth in the appreciation of the women in their lives. This honoring of the feminine side brings out into relief a more defined sense of manliness; hence a correspondingly joyful expansion of the masculine side may occur. Rocky Mountain Juniper tree essence acts as a purifier on the energetic level just as on the physical level an herbal preparation from the tree acts as a blood purifier.

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