Best Alternatives For A Soda Fountain Machine

What is the best thing you like to do in a break? What else than to have a cool drink and have a snack! Every one of us has stopped at a 7-eleven or any other store in front of a fountain soda machine. The Big Gulp, have become the Nations favorite drink a long time ago. Whenever we think of a big supermarket or a fast food gathering, the first thing that comes to our mind is the fountain soda machine. Pop in a coin and fill your glasses with any drink you want. How nice it would be, if there is a chance to enjoy the same drink from our house, without the bulky machine.

Is it possible to eliminate the soda fountain machines completely in future? The answer is a big no. Americans would love to get their favorite drink served by the waiters. But they prefer collecting one for themselves from the machine better. It is extra cool, quick and gives you a choice to select from. Soda fountain machines are a symbolism of American mentality of choosing from a lot of choices or craving for variety.

Setting Up a Soda Fountain Machine
Nowadays a soda fountain machine can be easily set up in a house. If you are a party lover or have small business in the home, setting up one home soda fountain machine will prove very worthy. Numerous people will get to use it. A simple three flavor machine will cost around $2000 and another $500 extra for installation. The cost increases if you want more flavors. Further the Co2 box and the glittering metal rack costs a little more.

Maintaining the Soda Fountain
The Co2 box in the home soda fountain machine requires regular maintenance. Tweaking the box at constant intervals is necessary to get the proper taste. The soda will be somewhat tasteless if the quantity of the syrup mixed with the carbonated water and the Co2 level, is not in the required proportion. If too much syrup and Co2 is mixed we get a soda tasting like a cough tonic. Improper Co2 level will produce too much foam.

Alternates for a Soda Fountain Machine
If you feel the machine is too expensive and still does not wish to compromise with the taste, there are lots of other alternatives for you like, small home soda makers. They are nearly equivalent to our coffee makers. They guarantee fresh soda, just like the one you get form a soda fountain machine. The best part of it is that they are very affordable. You need not bother about the hassle of hard maintenance. Soda stream produces some very good home soda fountain products which produces soda costing as less as 25 cents for a can. Soda lovers will never mind spending such a small amount for getting a fresh glass of soda, rather than opting for bottles or cans. Imagine how useful it would be if there is a party or a get together. Home soda fountain machines are really a boon to many people used to the taste of soda fountain machines.