Benefits of Including Raised Beds in the Garden

Raised beds offer a highly practical and attractive feature and popular in both small and large-scale gardens. A raised planting bed is favored for planting tall shrubs to help create a certain level of privacy and screening. Here are some of the major advantages to investing the time and effort into installing the raised beds –

Control Weeds – A significant quality of the raised garden bed is the ability to limit the outbreak of weeds since the soil is contained in its own box. By including a nutrient-rich and weed-free soil it is possible to avoid a lot of the issues that comes with the unsightly weed growth in the regular garden.

Control Pests – A standalone raised bed is much easier to protect from destructive wildlife. A chicken wire cage is a highly effective option for making certain animals are kept away from the seeds and plants.

Superior Soil – A flower bed or vegetable patch started directly in the ground needs to rely on the soil that is already in place, which isn’t always the highest quality. Even though it is possible to add plant food or similar it still might not offer the ideal growth conditions. But if looking at the raised beds it is possible to take full control of soil quality from the start which should make sure the right conditions are provided for the plant life.

Portability Options – A great quality of the raised beds is the ease in which they can be relocated to a fresh site in the existing garden or even taken when moving to a new home. A standalone garden bed at a square foot of less is likely to be very easy to move when the time comes.

Improved Yield – Since the plant life is grown in the highest quality soil and conditions, a raised bed is able to offer a better yield in relation to the growth of vegetables and fruit compared to the more traditional garden set-ups.

Easy Maintenance – A standard sized garden bed isn’t likely to be larger than 4 ft x 4 ft so this makes the day-to-day maintenance duties like watering, inspecting, and picking much easier. A large open garden is likely to make it difficult to reach those plants at the back, but this isn’t such as concern with the raised beds since every plant is within easy reach.

Extended Growth Season – The period in which the plants can grow relates to the outside temperature. Soil contained in a raised box is able to warm up and maintain its warmth much more efficiently compared to the regular earth soil. A further option with the raised beds is to attach a cold frame to help with extending the garden growth season.