Beginners Fountain Pen Collection

Fountain pen collecting is a hobby enjoyed by people around the world. This hobby began almost from the first fountain pen was made. Once people began to write with writing instruments of the fine, people immediately saw the beauty that these fine pens possessed and pen collecting began.

Why people love collecting pens? First, as more and more people are white-collar jobs go to the writing of a fine writing instrument allows writing to work special. The feeling that people when you write with a pen fine changes in the writing experience.

For me, I like their aesthetic beauty. The know-how of the main plume, the magnificent event of the boards is masterpieces to me.

Tips for beginners

The first thing the novice pen collectors understand is that the scarcity creates value. When people begin to collect pens or ballpoint pen, too often, they just look at the aesthetics of the pen. Although aesthetics is important, the scarcity value of the readers.

The second thing to understand about the collection plume is typical of the older; vintage pens worth more that the new pens. People like holding a part of history. Vintage pens can tell an incredible history lesson. What happens in the world that the pen has been used? Who wrote this pen?

The third thing you need to understand is most stores do not sell vintage pens. In order to buy vintage pens you need to buy collectors, online stores, or online auctions. However, if you buy a new pen, just look for good prices. You can find the prices of online stores and popular Pens store link below.

Fountain pen ink generally smooth and without gaps, clear or dark spots. Most good companies producing fast-drying ink and produce the ink resistant to fading, which are also resistant to water. The only problem is the ink dry in general, even when not in use of the ink bottles that have a quick drying agent in them. Antibacterial additions are usually included in most of the ink so that ink does not lose in the pen. Fountain pen inks are generally nominal price.