Battle Of Flowers Unique Flower-throwing Fight Tradition In Laredo, Spain

La batalla de los flores” which is better known as the Battle of flowers is a unique festival in which a flower-throwing fight tradition is played and the festival is attended by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Spain is known for its eccentric festivals like legendary tomato fight and the running of bulls. Laredo, Spain is host to this beautiful festival of flowers which provides a path to experience a peaceful bliss and showcases a less messy festival. The Battle of flowers has its root in the history and the festival was originated somewhere back in the 20th century.


Larry do is actually situated over the northern coast in Spain between the town of Bilbao and Santander. This tiny city has a mere population of 13,000 people and the Battle of the Flowers is the pride of the people who live here. By the festival is being commemorated, the population of the city increases incredibly and the cafs and bars that are present here seems to be overflowing with people.


The festival began to be celebrated in 20th century and it was popularized by some tourists who had come here to catch some sun and days on the coast from the neighboring town of Bilbao. The festival had initiated as a simple ritual of marching around with flowers in order to bring good luck for fishing at the city port. Today, the festival is an ex-tended version of same ritual and it’s practiced more extensively.

Current Battle of the Flowers

A simple festival has now changed into a ritual which is taking a more competent if form. The streets of the city it filled with procession of floats that are covered with flowers. At nearly 5:30 p.m., crowds gather on the Laredo’s main square and also in the streets to watch the battle that it’s all so charged depending on an aesthetic merit by a number of independent judges. The winner is then announced before the commencement of nights festivities.

The Night of the Festival

The parade of flowers dominate the daytime running the festival but at night, some typical rituals are followed and the people of town march around holding a massive facsimile of a sardine. The sardine is burnt with a strong belief that the process point to bring good luck in fishing. The people stay there and have firework displays with firework displays.