Avoid Making Common Garden Lighting Mistakes

Lighting the garden can be very exciting, but you can get carried away and commit some mistakes made in your over enthusiasm. Lighting your garden is like an open canvas that is just waiting for you to express your artistic abilities.

Nevertheless, before you go about ordering garden lighting spend some time planning and visualizing what the garden will look like once it’s lighted up at night. The garden at night should look subtle, inviting, and definitely not bizarre. Therefore, it’s always better to look around and read up about garden lighting. One important factor to remember is that a bed of roses, which looks lovely during the day, may look horrible at night with the wrong garden lights.

You don’t have to search for garden lighting ideas in magazines, as there is plenty of useful information on garden lighting available for free on the internet. All you need to do is to control your enthusiasm and explore the sites. By spending the right time on research, you can end up with an exquisitely lit night garden. Avoid these mentioned common mistakes that most people make, and you will have no regrets.

The first mistake to avoid is using too much lighting. Don’t go placing a light on every bush, shrub, flower bed, and branches. Also, avoid using high-powered bulbs, as you are definitely not going to be playing a softball game at night in the garden. You cannot recreate daylight by over lighting the garden; therefore, avoid attempting it. The garden should look subtle and alluring with an aura of romance in it.

There are so many different types of garden lighting available in the market today that you may get tempted into trying their mixture. Well, the advice is very simple – don’t get tempted into mixing the lighting. Create a single theme and stick with it. Once you see the theme, you can always change it later, but don’t jumble it.

If you go on mixing the themes, you will end up with a jumble and a garden that people will want to avoid looking at. You surely want people to admire the garden at night, enjoy the mood, and walk away relaxed and embraced with the mood created by the lighting. Therefore, stick with a single theme. The last piece of advice is to avoid using low cost material and fixtures. You may get a great deal, but you could end up with a whole series of problems. Therefore, spend your money wisely and use quality material.