Amazing flowers in the fashion shows

I believe you have seen flowers in the vase, flowers in paintings; you can also dress the flowers on, which will make you become the amazing scenery in the city. This year, the flowers are blooming vigorously on the T-shaped stage, for instance, Louis Vuitton’s flower-de-luce, Karen Millen’s orchid, Dior’s orange blossom and Chanel’s peony. Designers demonstrate their concept of flowers in an amorous individual way, which offers millions of women various choices.However, each flower has its own unique connotation and legend.

Why rose is the emblem of love? There is a legend behind it. In order to find her love Adonis, Venus ran in the rose bushes; however the sharp thorns of roses pricked her hand and scratched her legs, her blood dropped in the rose petals, which turned the white rose into red. Since then, rose is viewed as symbol of love, which conveys passionate, beautiful and romantic feelings. Must-have items: D&G floral dresses

Orchid: call of the mystery When using orchid to describe a woman, there is a big difference between oriental and westerners. In oriental dictionary, it means elegant and graceful; while in the eyes of westerners, it is a mysterious symbol. The pattern of orchid seems like a dancing figure, so sexy. Unlike rose’s visual sexy appeal, orchid will bring infinite imagination. Must-have items: Karen Millen Orchid Print Dress and Dries Van Noten dress

Poppy: fatal temptation Poppy is enchanting, charming, and haunted by a sense of temptation. The fruit of poppy flower is opium, therefore, in the works of art, poppy is synonymous with evil, destruction and fatal attraction. Just like the siren Mermaid in -Pirates of the Caribbean”, looks like an angel, but will tears you apart mercilessly. Must-have items: Karen Millen floral cotton dress and Antonio Marras jumpsuit.

Daisy: the seducement of youth Do you remember Twiggy in 60s? This is an age of daisy, women put on their miniskirts and worn daisy-shaped barrettes and accessories, seemingly fragile, but full of vigor. Girls like daisy reminiscent of seemingly innocent appearance and restless heart. I think nothing will be sexier than the pure sexy.

Tips: don’t forget to choose some printed items, which will highlight your overall image. Must-have items: Karen Millen shoes and Jil Sander bag.

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